Jigsaw (2017)

Director:  Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig.
Starring. Tobin Bell, Callum Keith Rennie,Matt Passmore, USA. 1h 32m.

So despite being dead since Saw 3, Jigsaw is back!? But how!? He was autopsied and buried already, but 10 years after he died John Cramer is once again making people confess to their sins and redeem themselves. I had to admit that I find the gory Saw movies highly entertaining and so much fun to watch, I honestly would love the franchise to run on forever I honestly don’t’ think I could get bored of this. When it comes to murder mysteries I find the typical Agatha Christie or Priot to be incredibly dull and struggle to follow along, with the length dialogue and cold bodies, Saw is the opposite there’s usually a lot of quick thinking, snap judgements, blood, gore and raw emotions, but strangely there are similarities too, like how this one uses the same index cards placed on the bodies as Christie’s Ten Little Indians (1965) but that’s where the similarities end.

Starting out with a police chase a man scrambles to the roof in order to NOT be caught up in the new game, insisting on a particular cop to be present there is a stand off until Detective Halloran (Rennie) arrives then tragically he’s shot and left in a coma. Then the games begin, 5 people find themselves in a room chained to a wall of saws with strange bucket like devices on their heads, the chains start to pull as Jigsaw’s voice tells them that they have to make a blood sacrifice, these kool kats are pretty smart as they begin to think before they act but can they actually follow the rules?! That’s another matter entirely. Meanwhile outside of the torture barn the cops are and surgeons are getting the run around while trying to approach the possibility that Jigsaw is still alive or that maybe there is a copycat!? Either way they are sure that people’s lives are at risk so the mull about doing a lotta nothing while the game continues getting more gruesome and depraved.

A lot of people really fell out of love with the Saw franchise with lame excuses that as it became quite samey, but I have to admit so far they have done no wrong in my books, I adore the traps, the let’s pull more people back from the dead into the plot just to bring that what the hell ending together and Jigsaw, what an amazing character, seriously his planning is outstanding, he’s killed more people after his death than when he was alive and his acolytes are growing in number, by Saw 57 it will be hard not to wake up in a trap!

This was a BOLD step, trying to bring back Jigsaw even though we watched his autopsy, but it won’t be the first time we assumed him dead or that his mission of making people feel sorry for their shiity actions is ever going to be over. This particular edition of Saw, is very much like the rest, in its atmosphere and approach, close up of chains and blades, followed by body shots of people screaming and bleeding. There is some interesting little quips about there being a Jigsaw online fan club on the deep web and one of the side characters builds replica saw traps from the information she gained from the forums, so momentum is building in the saw story for a movement, maybe the cult of saw is on it’s way.

Sadly it’s not as visceral as some of the previous movies have tried to be, this really struggles to be a whodunit, with a lot of the traps being merciful and with less bone crunching and slicey dicey as previously attempted, the step away is only slight but it impacts the films attachment to the rest, and if the Spierig brothers are going to step away into the realms of whodunit the obstruction will lose diehard fans. It’s great that they can still find ways to maim and destroy the human body and mentally fuck people up, but these traps were a little bit weak and not as dynamic, there are reason, similar to how Amanda’s traps were set to kill without the chance of redemption and escape but I don’t want to give too much away… It’s probably going to be laughed at by the critics, just like all of the rest of the movies but I found it enjoyable and I can’t wait for Jigsaw 2!?  Or wherever this is going, I’m along for the ride.

Rating 6/10

R – All the other saws duh!
L – Horror movie Hero’s
A – What makes a good franchise..

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