Beyond Skyline (2017)

Director: Liam O’Donnell .
Starring. Frank Grillo, Bojana Novakovic, Jonny Weston, Iko Uwais, Antionio Gargas USA. 1h 45m.

Skyline seems to be cursed, the original movie had a great idea and outstanding budget but the story was so basic that it only started to get into motion in the final few moments, after watching this tepid sequel, it seems both movies could have easily made one film, with the original being trimmed down to a mere introduction. Ultimately Skyline remains one of the worst sci fi movies in recent history, and only a little it really saved with this sequel.

Things pick up from the where the last movie left off, the world is under attack from a monstrous species of aliens who have weird mecha technology partially organic and looking quite similar to the machines from the Matrix series, they use lights to brainwash people into coming to them, like the blue lights in the deli are used to attract flies.  In Skyline a hero was born in the finale moments, it seems the aliens are interested in our brains (fools!!) and while the hero was killed while trying to protect his pregnant girlfriend,  his brain is placed into one of the alien “machines” which is a Guyver like suit, he managed to regain his consciousness and started the fight against the aliens, AS one of the aliens! Luckily you’ll know who this good buy is as he glows red while all the other aliens glow blue.. just putting that out there..

So a father/police officer has just gone to the station to bail out his asshole son, the two don’t get on but once the metro is attacked and their train derailed they start to come together, making it to the next station on foot they, along with a blind guy and the train driver, are very aware of the alien invasion and fight for their lives until they are abducted. While on board the HR Giger  inspired  ship the pair are separated the father strikes out to find his son and kill as many aliens as he can, and luckily encounters the “good” alien who helps him travel around the ship, and shows weaponries him. He saved the pregnant girlfriend who gives birth to a darling baby girl and they manage to escape the ship.. Straight into the Golden Triangle! (HELL YEAH)

The aliens are giving the locals the same problems but they have more guns and the local militia are taking advantage of the situation. Eventually the survivors band together with a few locals, and head to their hideout under the beautiful temple/fort where they have a stash of guns and an American scientist who unveils the secrets as to why the hour old baby is now walking and talking!? But she is a pivotal asset to the earth in the fight against this domineering alien bullies.

The connection with the Golden Triangle opened up the ability to add a huge level of hand to hand combat with the aliens, occasionally there are the tentacle critters that were rife in the first film and these are generally blown away by guerrillas with rifles, and the larger beasts that were slamming tanks in the streets are scattered here and there but the smaller man like beings are the most popular in Beyond Skyline and with the Thai influence the just go around Tony Jaa-ing their asses with blades and swift kicks to the face.

Grillo really steps up to the multitasking role of father, protector and warrior, but with so much going on he shares the limelight with a lot of the cast, it seems that everyone has their 15 seconds. But there a few questionable elements, language isn’t a problem  despite being dumped on the other side of the planet, and I still don’t really understand why a drug dealer in the Golden Triangle would be really all that worried about a LA Cop falling out of an alien spaceship during a global crisis and despite the baby girl growing at an extraordinary rate, she’s always fully clothed with new items despite walking around in the jungle, but you will find a GAP store in the most unlikely place these days, but these are all minor points.

With the total loss of the first movie I suppose there wasn’t a lot to step up from, but the total change in direction has done the series some justice, it’s inventive with the possibilities of why the aliens are here and our connection with them. The concept that were being breed for alien consumption or are the waste material from an alien visit isn’t new but the link goes a step further and brings evolution into play, it’s motivating but not a big enough game changer to really push this film from ok to great.

With a bit of slimming down and some proper direction for the plot it could have been more enjoyable, but for a no brain action sci fi its way better than the first film and actually gets to the point.

Rating 4/10

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