Lycan (2017)

Director: Bev Land
Starring:Dania Ramirez, Jake Lockett, Rebekah Graf. USA 1h 27m

With all of the success of the Underworld series and countless other werewolf.lycan movies the genre develops into a melodramatic teen scream film with no real direction and hardly any point. We all know the drill about a group of kids trying to dig up a local legend but what we don’t plan on watching is all the boring bits that good films leave out, with them getting lost and talking crap for an hour. But sadly this film will subject you to a lot of “missing” elements which doesn’t build any tension and mades the film all that more tedious.. But.. it’s not a total loss…

The Beast has a Name

An outcasted girl is forced to work with a group on a school project, usually she keeps to herself and is picked on by the other kids but alas the teacher has the final say and the group of 6 chose to explore the horrific legend of Emily Burt AKA the Talbot Country werewolf, even though she is a Lycan not a werewolf.. Hence the name… details!

So the outsider, a latin beauty constantly harps on about how her parents were killed in mysterious and violent ways and that’s how she was then fostered out to he aunt. Who ensures that she takes her special medicine during the full moon. The group are filming their expedition into the woods but this isn’t a found footage adventure, instead the camera reel is only used to highlight a few scenes but with no real formula.

Eventually the beast  starts picking them off one by one and then there is a showdown with the girl who we know is the Lycan at the family home with the only person who knows she’s a Lycan.. There’s no mystery in this shoddy production, every detail is laid out from the onset. The good news is that the film isn’t all that long and there’s a odd flash of nudity, and some 3d style effects when we see through the eyes of the beast when it’s about to kill. There’s a lot of whining about the past, the Latina has a similar script to Phoebe Cates character in Gremlins (1984) constantly moaning about her shitty her childhood was, admittedly these kids had it hard but christ.. Give it up already. Every character is stereotypical, the token, the jock, the preppy girl, the stoner etc etc, the only amusing one is the later, once he gets the gear out the smart talking starts and he becomes a massive jerk and every horror movie needs one.

It’s hard to call this a horror as everything is signposted a mile off, and there’s no tension. It’s just totally flat and boggin and weak.

Rating 1/10

R: Wer (2007), Howling (1982)
L: A-Z of werewolf movies, if we go into the woods tonight..


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