Devil’s Domain (2016)

Director:Jared Cohn
Starring: Michael Madsen, Madi Vodane, Linda Bella. USA

This generic horror with a skeletal plot manages to detail scary elements of cyberbullying along with the moral conundrum of revenge,  but with so much being regurgitated from olde fables and other films it only has a few minor saving graces.

Lisa Pomson (Vodane) is a troubled teen who has been drawn to the drama and tribulations of social media and  is totally addicted,  as for  most of the teenagers she  clashes with her parents on a regular basis, her father Bill, ( Marsden) tend to just laugh everything off assuming that she’ll just  learn from her mistakes, while her mother tends to come down on her like a ton of bricks judging everything and making her come parents this with the Bible.  it’s a good thing they don’t know about her other bad habits,  and even seem totally unaware of her eating disorder,  but I think we’re supposed to believe that they are good parents!?

When Lisa secretly filmed performing a sexual act the Cyber bullies release the video at her local High School  which results and her being viciously attacked online.  quite soon she finds herself suicidal when she is approached by a strange mysterious woman named Destiny (Bella) and a bond is formed with her with her, as they grow closer the strange woman offers to help her out of her predicament in exchange for a favour,  and as the fable goes that favour happens to be her mortal soul.  one by one anybody who teased or threatened Lisa slowly meets with a gory and violent death,  but just how far can this madness go before it’s too much?

Directed Jared Cohn,  has a number of suggestive film titles under his belt, Including Halloween pussy trap kill kill (2017),  Atlantic Rim :  Resurrection (2018) and After school special (2017), He seems quite confident to just bang low budget films out one after the other,  and that might not be a bad thing?  in this particular film He plays a dual storyline,  where. this devilish woman who  is nearly always dressed in red, appears to just put on a devil mask while she’s killing,  while in another scenes she seems to take on a full on demonic body,  but really it’s up to the audience to decide if she’s playing the role or if she is actually the devil.

I think still has a few perks mostly provided by Linda Bella,  she seduces and sneaks herself around in a  over the top sexy murderous kind of way.  Michael Madsen,  being the only veteran actor delivers and interesting but low key performance,  but you can’t help thinking that he’s only trying to kill time while waiting for a Tarantino to write him into a new film.

Generally it’s a fairly standard story and it does have some interesting elements,  the imagery albeit highly religious and the atmosphere as well crafted,  although the all over approach is quite sloppy which results in it having very little impact. Maybe if Cohn just spent some more time in producing a better film,  he might just actually make a decent horror, but if you’re willing to switch off and sit back and watch you could do a lot worse…



Rating 2/10

R:Angel Heart (1987),
L: Infernal Films, The Devil’s helping hand!?

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