8 Post Apocalyptic Shorts

The Last Man (2015)?

Written and Directed by Gavin Rothery – Starring :  Richard D Glover
This short film stars Richard D Glover who usually appears on Ben Wheatley productions, we follow his solitary struggle as he navigates a barren burnt wasteland in search for survivors, hints at a war between two groups is evident from the propaganda littering the derelict buildings but at this point he’d be happy to just meet anyone. From time to time we hear a radio broadcast asking for people to respond but our silent hero has no means,  apart from this the film is almost silent.

Glover is a pretty decent actor so his contributions really help but the detail and effort that went into the production of the film and those desolate backdrops is pretty stunning. It’s certainly nothing new but it’s clear to see that this is someone’s pride and joy and a lot of effort had gone into it.

Elergy (2014)?

Directed by Lewis Farinella
A single man navigates a treacherous landscape where people are perishing from an unknown disease, when he stumbles upon a group so violent rednecks who attempt to take his water he violently kicks some ass.. and moves on .. but sadly he runs into a bigger group..  but despite the beatdown that we know is coming there is a purpose to this intrepid travelers journey which is a stark twist to this insightful film. Farinella has promised more work based on the positive comments from this short so keep your eyes open for other films.


Thirst (????)

Director Noah Lincona
For a change in this 6 minute + short we have a couple of wasteland adventurers who are in search for water in a desert environment. They chance apon a stranger and sandy beatdown ensues, but it does make you wonder, just how many people will die for water in such a future..


Conectado / Connected (2011)

Now this film speaks to me, it has a message and some pretty impressive landscapes. A pair travel deep in a wasteland connected by their breathing tubes. Despite their predicament they don’t seem to be really all that “together” and one
seems to be unwell but when they meet a challenger, the stronger of the two unplugs himself and kicks some butt to steal the oxygen supply and flee leaving his partner for dead but life isn’t always so simple for the treacherous.
It’s a great social experiment, like WaZ (2007), when does self preservation kick in and what are our limits? The film is constructed really well, it doesn’t look like someone chucked on a typical sex shop gas mask and went to work making a film, the landscapes were carefully chosen and CGI applied really well.


Tag 26 (2002)

A German masterpiece and all in 18 minutes. This film (which translates as Day 26) tells a very human story about an apocalyptic future that isn’t so bright, 26 days after an unknown break out, two people are travelling a barren landscape trying to find the source of a radio signals, they collect water and fuel as they traverse the empty landscape. In heavy protective suits they silently gather what they need. After running out of fuel they head towards a farm house and while one adds details into a diary under Tag 26, the other accidentally rips his suit, the exposure to the air poisons him despite their efforts to repair his suit. Knowing that he’s dying he removes his his suit revealing himself to his friend (it appears they didn’t know each other) he helps pack things up for his friend and sends him on his way and prepares to die after having a coffee. Moments later his friend returns and removes his mask, the two have a brief few moments together before passing away…
It’s an amazing film, there is so much attention to detail and it has been cleverly constructed and thought through. It’s quite haunting how the man returned to spend his final moments with his unknown friend rather than facing the prospect of living on alone. It speaks volumes about morals and puts things into perspective, just how much are we worth to each other and is survival enough?

The Wanderer (2012)?

The wanderer seems to be a popular name for post apocalyptic films but to be honest there isn’t much wandering being done in this tactical combat flick which is basically a bunch of guys running around the woods taking each other out.. it is shot really well but  there is a slight twist but humm I didn’t really bond with the film enough to really get it..


Left Behind (2014)

Director : Ryan Pathammavong
Starting with a bang this film grips a black man is being attacked by what seem to be an infected/zombie then explains that current situation. The world was ravaged by a mysterious infection which turns people into ghouls. After saving a girl he attempts to leave her a few supplies and head out alone, after all you can’t trust anyone.. but he pities her and stays for a while.. But wait you can’t trust anyone.. Dammit man listen to your own advice.

A one room drama with a lot of talking and not a lot of action, quaint twist at the end but still the acting is brilliant these guys could go far but it’s way too long what the pay off.

Dead Zone (????)

Director : Brain Binder
Back to the lone man syndrome, a lonely guy who’s make a camp and his gentle narrative details the rules of his way of life as spoken by his mother, but his lack of company pushes him towards breaking those rules… He gets stalked by some  figures dressed in black, a colour I wouldn’t imagine you’d be able to keep all that clean in the future.. but anyway he ventures into the dead zone, where he’s been warned not to go but the revelation he discovers isn’t anything he could ever imagine.

This film is a bit more “put together” it actually has a beginning, middle and end. And is quite a simple yet creative project and one I really enjoyed despite it’s dark nature.


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