Classic animation (on 4)  stop motion and WTF shorts Vol.1

After reading this title, I believe a  short Introduction is an well growing up in the 90s I was rudely introduced to stop motion and bizarre animated shorts through the Channel animation on 4. Obviously as a child and young teenager I’ve seen lots of animated films series and feature length films, but nothing could quite prepare me for the onslaught of dark mechanical don’t like creatures from the insipid creative minds of the Quay brothers Paul Berry’s and the claustrophobic social construct  of Phil Mulloy.

While it frightened and unnerved me it did also,  open my eyes to unlimited dreamscapes and nightmares!? I would sit up late at night transfixed to the mirage of movement and curious situations which eventually started to warp my art, thinking, and most facets of my life. I suppose it was truly influential, but it’s take me this long to get back into that niech groove  and present my all time favourite classic animations, mostly from Animation on 4, stop motion shorts and everything else that fits in between.

Phil Mulloy Sound Of Music

There is something incredibly realistic about the freakish work of Phil Mulloy, the high pitched screeching of the characters and mundane situations are often something we can connect with, often aspects of the works we wish to ignore but like the creepy avant garde soundtrack is annoyingly right there in the corner of perception.

In the scratchy black and white drawings the underbelly of the psyche is etched out, in this edition it’s mostly about class struggles, violent dog fights, porn, crowded tubes and a strange high class dining hall are all on question.

Devlin Crow Expelling the Demon

There are more colors and movement in this emotional break up. A woman leaves the bedroom after her Beau suggests something disgusting in bed, then his tongue starts to lecture him…

And let’s face it, it’s the one party of your body that you don’t want to talk back to you… Especially this sarcastic bastard…


Pavel Koutsky Portret  AKA Portrait of the man in the street


This is more of a delightful insight into first impressions and the duality of mankind than anything, it shows the difference from falling in love with a pretty face rather than finding someone suitable on an intellectual basis, standing up against tyranny or giving in. It’s quite sweet and charming but with a massive and poignant set of messages. Check out the amazing tracking on this and the amazing ending…

There are many more volumes to come so watch this space, if there’s anything you’d like to recommend then hit me up on twitter @admitonefilmadd and if you need therapy check the local phone book under M for meatgrinders


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