Subterranea (2015)


Director: Michael Miller
Starring: William Katt, Bug Hall, Nicholas Turturro . USA . 1h 39m

This is a bit of a pointless movie, the premise sounds solid, a young boy is raised in a lone cell from a baby, he’s schooled and educated by a man who he never sees and only hears his voice, one day when he’s in his early 20’s he’s released into the world.. And then nothing happens.

Well Okay you got me, something happens. An hour of nothing really happens. First he’s disorientated and doesn’t handle outside very well, but within a few minutes he’s okay. Having been educated he’s childlike when faced with current human morals of the lack of, he meets a douchebag who takes advantage of him, then a nice lady who helps him discover who kept him locked up in darkness for all these years and why. Don’t expect a huge payoff though as this full is dull and all life and inspiration has escaped it.

The people who supported this through Kickstarter are probably pretty disappointed but it’s okay you’re not alone. The shambling nonsensical movie is sensitivity shot but so badly acted, in the beginning there’s a sense of mystery, lots of forgiveness is allowed for any shoddiness as we know it’s crowdfunded and that’s totally ok, the good setup and great potential is there for a fleeting moment then pissed away.

Bug’s interpretation of his character is to mimic an autistic child rather than a grown man who’s just been locked in a dark room all his life. It’s odd that he’s totally healthy and can see perfectly as all of his developmental years were in an almost pitch black room, but this film isn’t trying to accurate. At times I thought it was trying to get a point across, but even after you’ve brushed away all the fluff, managed to stay awake throughout the incredibly slow plot, the message isn’t really all that clear and certainly nothing worth waiting for.

With other amazing films out there of people trapped for unusual amounts of time only to be released to seek revenge and knowledge of their entrapment, it’s hard to believe that anyone would have thought this idea would have worked!?

Rating: 2/10

R: Maus (2017),
Vs: Nicholas Turturro, William Katt


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