June 2018 Film List

Sadly the list is incomplete but it gives some indication into what I watched in June despite the world cup I got quite a bit done..

American Psycho
The Battery
Wyrmwood : Road of the Dead
Midnight Meat Train
Human Contract
*The Seventh Victim 8/10
Night of the demon
Mr Jones
This Island Earth

*Absurd 6/10
Tombs of the Blind Dead
*Alien 2 – On Earth 5/10
Science of Sleep
Army of Darkness
*Ipcress File 6/10
Jurassic Park
*Waxworks 2 – Lost in Time 4/10
Black hole
Turks and Caicos
Cannibal Holocaust

Turkey Shoot
Pusher II
Robin Hood – Prince of thieves
Heavy Metal
Cannibal Holocaust
Get Carter
Kill List

First Blood
Grimm Love
Infernal Affairs
Zombie Flesh Eaters
the Illustrated Man
Cell 211
Ex Drummer



TOTAL – 45

NEW – 5

BEST – The Seventh Victim 8/10

WORST – *Waxworks 2 – Lost in Time 4/10


  • The Battery
  • Night of the Demon
  • Army of Darkness
  • Frost/Nixon
  • Get Carter

2 thoughts on “June 2018 Film List”

  1. As usual, a great mix of old and new, acclaimed and cult…”Get Carter” is terrific and I became a fan of “Kill List” as well a few months ago.

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