Truth or Dare (2018)

Director: Jeff Wadlow
Starring:  Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane. USA. 1h  40m


*sigh* I’m not sure where to start..

I thought that after a flood of Final Destination and Saw films I thought we all fully understood the whole idea of a consciousness wanting to play game with us, but for some reason this rehash of the previous spends 80% of it’s run time trying to explain the painfully obvious to us.

First you play the game, then the game plays you.

Opening with a disheveled girl freaking out at a gas station, and randomly setting a woman on fire, the film beings a slow introduction to the highly annoying teen crew.

A group of friends embark on their final Spring Break and head down to Mexico. Led by Olivia (Hale) who’s a good girl who just wants to help other people, and being a brunette she’s sensible and thinks with her head..  She gets duped by a guy at a bar who tricks the group into going to an unknown location and instead of roofying and robbing them, he makes them play Truth or Dare.. but this game follows them home and becomes deadly.

Constantly ignoring the warning signs and any advice from the whiney Olivia the group carry on with their day to day lives, but slowly the get the stark picture, there’s an entity forcing them to continue the game of Truth or Dare but it’s demonic in nature and has a vividly perverse sense of humor and if they don’t play, they die… It toys with them in some extremely embarrassing ways, outing a cheater in a job interview  a homosexual to his father, and touching on all their darker secrets that involve suicide, sexuality, cheating and whatever young people get up to these days.

The remainder of the group have to pull together to try and work out how to get out of the game alive with Olivia at the helm, the girl who got them all into this shit, she’s determined to save them. But they would have better luck with Scooby Doo on the case. Even after they have tracked down the “cure” for the curse they struggle and basically fuck things up!!! But don’t worry Olivia will save us all.. If she could punch her way out of a paper bag.

It’s a little bit creepy, no more than any TV show, you’ll notice a shadow in a room but when the person enters, there’s nothing there!! SHOCK! Most of the deaths are off screen but there’s the overuse of a smiling demon face snapchat filter (the clue for the audience), but it would be much creepier when we couldn’t see the death scene coming or maybe if that death had some gore in it.

For a moment near the end it was almost charming watching this film try and take itself serious but really I’d have prefered another  Final Destination (2000), or maybe a film about

Rating 2 /10

R: Final Destination (2000)
L: Destiny and Fate Films
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