10 Horror Films from 2007 Worth Talking About Volume 1

Borderland (2007)

This American – Mexican horror is loosely based on a true story about Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, a leader of a religious cult and drug lord who practiced human sacrifice, his gang kidnapped and murdered many people and this movie deals with the particulars of American University students who spend the night fighting for their lives in a foreign town and against a huge gang fuled by violence and chaos It takes a while to warm up but it’s then it’s pure nightmare fuel from there on. 7/10

Trick r Treat (2007)

A modern anthology with as much horror as black comedy, centering on five groups of people all trying to get the most from one fateful Halloween night. A principal has a secret life as a serial killer, an old man comes up against a demonic halloween spirit and a group of teen girls pull a dangerous prank along with a few others, this is definitely one night and one movie you’ll never forget. It’s outlandish, daring and thoroughly enjoyable. 8/10

Hostel II (2007)

After the successful Hostel there came a pretty awesome sequel, this time with a group of girls taking the lead into an all familiar hostel in Slovakia. There’s a shorter so much more carnage and killing, in this respect the film is better than the original, but it doesn’t have as much to prove as it’s all been done before. Personally I find this one more watchable. it’s an intelligent sequel that doesn’t skip details, and between Countess Esebret blood sacrifices and mauled faces and some unfortunate guy becoming dog chow, there is a fairly interesting story under the surface and it’s amusing at times, what more do you really need? 6/10

REC (2007)

Just when zombies were becoming boring, the Spanish supernatural horror REC hit the screen and while twisted the ideology back on itself making it more religious and twice as scary. A film crew are making a documentary on a local fire service when they are called to a typical tenant building, upon entering they are presented with a bizarre situation which escalates quickly into blood and gore as a demonic/zombie apocalypse descents on the building and they find themselves trapped in by secret services. It’s a brilliant dark and ferocious found footage movie that really upped the ante. The religious connection to the zombies kinda makes it a dark demonic possession so some of them cross over with their “skills” which makes it doubly scary, enough to make me keep the lights on at night and for this feature to make it on the Movies that Actually Scare Me list. 10/10

Frontier(s) (2007)

A creepy New French Extreme movie directed by Xavier Gens, which stars Karina Testa as a young Arab girl fleeing race riots in Paris, only to find herself and friends victims of a group of countryside neo-nazis. The film is similar to any American Hillbilly cabin horror, just set on an isolated farm, where an ex neo nazi has set up home, and is looking to keep his aryan bloodline in tact. The family has a lot of inbred children that live in underground tunnels under the farm but the above ground dwellers are just as fucking deranged and cannibalistic. There’s ludacris amounts of blood and gore, torture and explicit behavior that simmer down to some disturbing cinema. 8/10

The Mist (2007)

Science fiction, Lovecraftian horror based on a book by Stephen King. The movie sees a a father and son trapped in a convenience store while unknown killer creatures stalk around in a mysterious mist that descends on their town. The tentacle acid spitting creatures are varied but equally deadly and the people in the store start to divide from logical thinkers vs religious nuts who are egged on by one loud mouthed bible basher, There’s some amazing acting, sensible use of cgi and the fammed punch in the guy ending that had everyone talking 8/10

1408 (2007)

Obviously a great year for Stephen King adaptations, this ghostly story sees John Cusack play a paranormal investigator who tends to find that ghosts are nothing but houses settling and paranoia. Looking for the real thing he ends up staying in room 1408 after having a stark warning from Samuel L. Jackson. Strange things start to happen but he begins to write them off as tricks until he realises he’s trapped in the room and the corpses of past residents are literally chasing him through the air ducts. It’s certainly not the scariest film of the year but it’s quite interesting to see how things unfold and with multiple endings the story can go many ways. It’s quite good to know that a good ghost story can hold up in todays market. 5/10

28 Weeks Later (2007)

The long awaited sequel to Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later (2002) the story continues in a sensible way, but loses some of it’s rawness, but has some epic infected death scenes. London has been cleared of the infected now that America has saved the day, and now the Brits are being reintroduced back into London on the Isle of Dogs, but one survivor has been found, a lone woman who’  husband and children are in the new housing scheme. She has a very unusual trait, she is a carrier of the virus but it doesn’t affect her. Unfortunately her husband kisses her gets infected and BOOM the infection is spreading around again. There’s a lot more background to the film but there’s a stand out mass kill scene utilizing some nifty helicopter work. Another great infected film for all the different reasons as its predecessor. 6/10

30 Days of Night (2007)

Loosely based on the first chapter of a widely popular graphic novel of the same name, this film sees a northern American town enter a period of 30 days of winter darkness, and then they get attacked by a group of ancient vampires who settle in and take their time slaughtering the entire town. A small group of survivors hold up together to try and fight the vamps but at what costs?! A pretty gripping horror with lots of action, blood and one of the best beheading scenes to date. 7/10

Paranormal Activity (2007)

The marmite film of 2007, everyone had to see it, Steven Spielberg said it was the most frightening film of all time but there was a massive divide, it was either loved or hated. Personally I liked it but it did spawn a huge array of boring sequels. This Found Footage movie follows the lives of a young couple who start to notice strange things in their home, they set up cameras and witness the paranormal activity and try to fight and antagonise the situation. There are some crazy jump scares and some great camera trickery but that’s about it.I have to admit that it was a brilliant cinema experience just watching other people getting freaked out. 5/10


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