Howls (2011)

Director: Jamie Tracey.
Starring. J.J Gallo, Nick Smyth, Jamie  Traey. Canada. 1h 15m.

A muted drama with a dark undercurrent.  A group of guys are spending time together chilling in a cabin located in the Canadian wilderness, when the dog gets lose, all three guys head out to track her down but while the roam around the the forest they soon realise that they are being stalked.

For the most part of the film Paul (Gallo) and George (Smyth) search for the dog, there is a third friend who’s with them for a short while but he returns to the cabin early on and from what I understand this character is the Director Jamie Tracey?  The two guys have many a heart to heart while getting lost in the woods. With their friendship in question they pull apart and soon club together for safety, finally realising how much they mean to each other, but this bromance is in question when they notice something is tracking them, a dark figure looming vaguely in the background, “was that a bear?”. With limited ammunition and only the one rifle between them they do their best to make it back to the cabin alive.

Here Comes The Night

After resting at night they awake to find tracks all around them. And this is when their search for civilisation becomes all that more imperative.

There’s obviously a restricted budget here but while this is evident in the film quality, but regardless of the characters or the setting  it has a continuous personal look and feel that doesn’t break for anything, which is sometimes hard to achieve, in all fairness it’s set in one place but tone and acting is consistent and I like it, it feels like an old 90’s County Crows music video.

There is a unusually potent payoff towards the end of the film, when the duo are confronted with their stalker(s) which is a stunning scene but really it’s an hour of two guys wandering around scared banging out their personal problems topped off with  a cute ending. Most of the drama is on form the conversations that are deep and at times comical but don’t expect a lot of action. This isn’t out to make Sashquatch a good or bad guy, just a curious creature with a mind trying to exist.

Rating 3/10

R –  The Bigfoot Tapes (2013),
L –   Bigfoot Flicks

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