Warlock 2 – the Armageddon (1993)

Director: Anthony Hickox

Starring: Julian Sands, Paula Marshall, Chris Young, R G Armstrong . USA . 1h 38m

Warlock (1988) was an amazing film, with a host of rich histories and wonderful effects which became the dawn of a gripping new evil villain with charm and tons of sex appeal; while this film really broke the horror fantasy world apart, it’s sequel, while being a bit more soppy and sentimental, did deliver some gruesome body horror for it’s delightful bad guy, acted by the amazing Julian Sands but without a fiesty hero originally played by Richard E Grant, the film lost some of it’s edge for a more whimsical teen duo who think they can outsmart the Warlock.

The original Warlock film started in the dark ages in Britain, but the keyword for Warlock 2 is Druids and magical stones, an aspect which would make most horrors laughable but Hickox managed to rein back the wands and fairy dust for a touch of the macabre.

Opening with a ancient Druid ritual attempting to stop the rise of Satan using 6 magical stones, the party is gatecrashed  by some rowdy Christians who assume it’s a Satanic ritual, after the slaughter the power is released into the stones and scattered about the country. The aim of the film is that the Warlock has to be reborn collect the stones to raise his satanic master and the only thing standing in his way are two immature star crossed lover teens who don’t realise they are Druid heroes. I don’t know how such a great film can have so much fluff but it’s there.

Now the film gets interesting, the warlock needs to be born, and he does it in style. One of the enchanted stones has found itself placed in a piece of jewellery and a young goth(ish) chick has a hot date and wears the stone, as the moonlight casts across it, the stone starts to shine and she suddenly becomes pregnant, her belly swells and she is forced onto her dining table struggling she gives birth to a “thing” which mutates into a fully grown Julian Sands, the (fully dick swinging) naked Warlock stalks her in her apartment and killing her with a banshee like scream. He then steals her dates clothes , her date happening to be Zach Galligan who Hickox used in both of the Waxworks movies and he spends a majority of the movie collecting the stones using double handed means and causes a delightful manner of mayhem. The hero’s slowly learn about their Druid past and are trained to fight the warlock but OMG they are so soft, I kinda wanted him to kill them in horrible messy gory ways.

The film only just about works and only because of the effects and Julian Sands who wanders around America looking for his stones, and issuing some Wishmaster (1997) style pain on some “innocent” folks. Generally playing quite a devilish character he beguiles and tricks a lot of people into doing what he wants and into handing over the enchanted stones.  Faces are melted, bodies melted into modern art and a carny tries to outwit him and is plummeted into a dark carnival of nightmares, it’s fun horror, the downer are Kenny and Samantha, the two preppy emo kids who are destined to save the world with their Disneyesque methods.

It’s a pretty enjoyable fantasy horror, it had lost some of the charm that the original created, but it’s not the cop out that part III became. Some of the digital effects look a little bit dated now but everything else is perfect for the 90’s horror genre, if that’s something that you’re into. It’s pretty fast paced as well so there’s not much lagging, although I really found the teen druids to be so totally boring and they just didn’t fit into the film all that well, if the Warlock could be resurrected then we really needed Richard E Grant back or someone with some grit and fire to really match his majesty. All in all I still find the body horror scenes to be great work, much like Wishmaster (1997) and Faust (2000)

Rating: 8 /10

R: Waxworks (1988), Waxworks II – Lost in Time (1992), Wishmaster (1997), Faust (2000)
L:Witches are Bitches, Winky Dinky Films,
5s:Anthony Hickox, Julian Sands


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