Colin (2008)

Director: Marc Price
Starring: Alastair Kirton, Dominic Burgess, Daisy Aitkens . UK . 1h 37m


I get all giddy over low budget movies and this one I think has to be the cheapest movie ever made for a record £45! Well done Mr Price you are a legend! Shot on a camcorder this well written horror deserves the hype that it originally receive at the Aberystwyth Abertoir Film Festival.

The film is a study of the social break down around a zombie outbreak more than just being a Zombie film, while it had lashings of shock factors in it with zombies attacking a house party and some random attacks on British streets, the main protagonist is Colin (Alastair Kirton), just an average guy trying who get’s bitten early on in the film, the magic is that the film remains focused on Colin no matter what states he’s in.

Opening with Colin returning home, he’s attacked and changes into a zombie and heads out to eat some people, he’s attracted to girls who remind him of his sister, and while he does some snacking here and there, he’s on a mission to go home, much like Bub in Romero’s Day of the Dead (1985) it’s hard not to feel or the boy, despite his current state of decay. He gets pushed over, beaten up and even robbed of his trainers, he really isn’t having the best day.

Eventually he does get rescued, and without spoiling too much of the plot they believe that they have a way of saving Colin..

Price is a bit of a genius, on the same scale as Danny Boyle and his iconic 28 Days Later (2002), yes I’m not afraid to say it just with a quirky mind-set. One that focuses on the heart and not the brain. There’s more going on in this social breakdown that I can picture actually happening on the streets if this were to ever happen.

It’s unbelievably cheap and at times it’s hard to see what’s going on but there’s a lot of charm in Colin, and despite any faults it’s actually a well written story. If you’re a diehard fan it’s something that to tick off the to watch list.

Rating: 4/10

R: 28 Days Later (2002), Day of the Dead (1985), It Stains the Sands Red (2016)

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