10 Horrors from 2002 worth talking about

For me 2002 was the year of shitty american remakes of wonderful Japanese/Chinese/Korean Horrors, like The Eye  (2002) and the Ring (2002) but Japan was still releasing wonderful films like Ju On  (2002) and Dark Water  (2002).

28 Days Later (2002)

A film that really raised the bar for Zombie movies by introducing the Infected! A bicycle courier is blindsided and awakes weeks later in an abandoned london, he soon discovers that a rage virus was released causing people to go batshit crazy and infect/kill each other. He hooks up with a few other people who travel to Manchester in hopes of gaining the protection of an army base who have been broadcasting but salvation might not that simple. A sterling performance from everyone involved in this cult classic Danny Boyle film, shot on unconventional cameras and on a tight budget the film has an atmosphere unlike any of its counterparts. Bold acting and a thrilling dangerous story really boosted most of the cast into unreal terms of stardom and made the film a drooling gore filled cult classic with a perfectly haunting soundtrack. 10/10

Dog Soldiers (2002)

This brilliant darkly comedy horror brit flick did for werewolves what 28 Days Later did for Zombies, it gave us something new! The film follows the rejected team of hopeful soldiers who are basically being used as bait during a routine nighttime training mission in the Scottish highlands, but while they are aren’t academically sound their true spirit and comrade really help them fight off a pack of “‘owlin monsters” The dynamics between the guys is magic and is the mortar of the movie, icon Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd and Darren Morfitt really lift the movie, giving it a raw edge of black comedy. It’s tense with a lot of action and blood despite most of the film being a siege in a remote cottage. It’s a brilliant blend of comedy that doesn’t distract from the horrific hell night. 9/10

Cabin Fever (2002)

I have an affection for Backwoods/Hillbilly movies, mostly because they remind me of home, but also they are usually dark as hell and brilliant alternative to the typical horror movie with much more.. deviant behavior. Cabin fever is a brilliant combination of the typical backwoods horror, spliced with teens being stalked by a unthinking killer, but in this instance the killer is a contagion, a flesh eating virus they contract after shooting a homeless man with a terrible skin irritation. While trying to contain the virus they are also having to fight off some locals who are out for revenge. It’s Typical Eli Roth so expect a lot of disgusting body horror and mindless violence it’s simple brilliant, enough to have several sequels and a remake. 6/10

Blade II (2002)

Another game changer Blade hit the screen in 1999, but when Wesley Snipes returns as Blade this time he came with the dynamic director Guillermo del Toro who boosted the movie into new realms and brought with him some amazing actors who probably wouldn’t have got a look in otherwise, but with a crew including Donnie Yen, Thomas Kretschmann, Danny John Jules and del Toro’s  staples Ron Perlman and Luke Goss, there really was no room for error. In this action packed nightmare Blade has to team up with a swat team of Vampires as there’s a new breed of next level Vamp on the street who targets the bog standard vampires as its primary food source. The battles are electrifying and there’s a lot of unusual quirkiness, as if del Toro was really probing and exploring the Blade universe, which for me is better than the original movie. 9/10

Dark Water (2002)

This very straightforward and uncomplicated Japanese horror is incredibly scary and damned heartbreaking. A young mother has finally managed to escape her abusive dickhead of a husband and moves into an almost derelict apartment building with her 5 year old daughter. But with the appearance of hair from the faucet and a spreading damp patch there is no peace for them as they are terrified by a terrible entity. it has a constant foreboding feeling and tense atmosphere and is easily one of the best modern chilling Japanese ghost stories. 8/10


May (2002)

There’s so much to enjoy in this indie horror. A young woman called May played by Angela Bettis , she endured a difficult childhood mostly because of her lazy eye. In adulthood she’s corrected the problem with contact lenses but the trauma cannot be erased and her deep-seated awkwardness remains. A mechanic takes a shine to the girl but she eventually drives him away and finding love becomes a mission for May but her drive to kill doesn’t help the situation. It’s darkly comedic and it really feels as if the movie is as awkward as it’s stunning star. 7/10

Irreversible (2002)

I never really know where to place Irreversible, for me it’s just a disturbing drama, but i see it so often in the horror lists that I am chucking it into this mix. An experimental art house movie which unshockingly plays backwards in some sense, see’s a tragic night out for a delightfully french couple (an actual couple at the time Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel). The entire movie is ad libbed as the cult director Gaspar Noé lets two amazing actors loose in his cryptic movie that’s famed for having the longest rape scene in cinema. This psychedelic camera work and daring story really unnerves and thrills. 8/10

Tattoo (2002)

This is probably one of my all time favourite modern German horrors and features the brilliant talents of August Diehl.. It’s a intensely cold and claustrophobic horror that sees the stereotypical rookie paired up with a gruff seasoned detective. They son find themselves on the chase for a ritualistic serial killer who’s killing and skinning people for their tattoo collection. It’s pensive and at times just balls to the wall gore filled horror but there’s high levels of intrigue and overall is a intelligent thriller which opens up over a dark seedy underworld of skin transactions and I love it. 9/10

Phone (2002)

While Japan was quick firing out horror movies that saw lots of mundane objects becoming haunted, Korea answered with Phone, while it’s not a exactly a haunted phone there is a haunting surrounding the calls. A ballsy journalist has written numerous articles about pedophilia, and then she starts receiving strange phone calls, she changes her number but is soon on the run again from an entity that drives people crazy after it starts calling them. It’s quick fire horror and has some brilliant effects along with a chilling atmosphere all through. 7/10

Deathwatch (2002)

This incredible British/German horror movie sees a group of British soldiers losing their way in complex maze like trenches in WWI Germany, finding them empty of soldiers they set up a camp, with a prisoner and one wounded private is desperate for medical assistance but they can’t raise anyone and remain isolated. Then things get creepy, cabin fever seems to start creeping in, the men start experiencing a psychosis along with ghost like entities appearing and torturing them. It’s dark and horrific, especially the selling point scene showing Andy Serkis being attacked by barbed wire., with some brilliant acting in this complex open bunker nightmare. 6/10

What horrors do you rate from 2002!?

4 thoughts on “10 Horrors from 2002 worth talking about”

  1. Great list. I would also throw Buba Hotep on this list, if you like horror/comedy. And, although it’s not a great movie, Ghost Ship came out in 2002 and has one of the best opening horror scenes ever. I bet you can find it on youtube…

    1. Hey buddy, I really like Ghost Ship, it’s not brilliant but it’s got charm! Maybe for Volume 2? I’ve never seen Buba Hotep 😦

      1. I’ve watched the first half of it, I did fall asleep but it was just one of those nights I will give it a go again someday!

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