The Bunny Game (2011)

Director: Adam Rehmeier
Starring: Rodleen Getsic, Jeff F Renfro, USA. 1h  16m

Bunny Game is one of those movies I kept seeing when asking for a list of Disturbing movies but not one that anyone really rated. Supposedly based on a true story experienced by the leading lady Rodleen Getsic, who co wrote the story, there’s a harrowing experience laid out that I feel deserves a lot of credit.
The broad stroke of the  movie details a terrible event for a young prostitute looking for her next date and a hot meal. Bunny, as she’s later known, opens the film with a blowjob, it’s an actual blowjob which is probably the reason why this film is so unliked, there’s some real sex involved, something you’d expect from a movie about a prostitute right? But obviously not something film goers actually want to see?

Bunny is doing ok, scoring some dates and drugs, she take a break, has a snack and gets back to work, later on in the day she does a bit too much oh the ole white and is robbed, coming around she realises her last date took all her cash and stash. Devastated she sobers up a little and heads out to start all over again. But her luck has run out and she end up climbing into a van with Hog. At first he appears to be a an old trucker who might be interested in a bit of old relish but soon he’s huffing gas, and chasing Bunny through the desert wearing his leather pig mask.

The two man characters, who are never really named but known by their “roles” Hog and Bunn, Both of them are no bodies, the nameless cocaine prostitute, a totally nobody, there are a thousand of her on the streets that you’ve passed today. Hog is just a average, there are hundreds of thousands of truck drivers out there but together they make this gruesome “magic” happen.

The majority of the film see’s Hog torturing Bunny, the long shadows of the lengthy black and white shadows add to the art house effet in this sadistic flick. If this imagery isn’t your bag then this movie just isn’t for you, and probably why so many people find this pointless and boring. But it has a lot of energy, even with the minimal dialogue, it causes a reaction a dizzying emotive reaction that doesn’t stop until the bitter end. At times I feel it was directed this way to push away the normies and to reel in the authentic fans.

There are some graphic sex scenes at the very beginning, but once Bunny has been abducted and is being tortured, there’s no rape, no real beating an battery but there’s some deep psychological torture, threats, breath play and it’s relentless! There’re no effects needed it’s all “real” Getsic agreed to go through all of this, even being burnt at times.

According to Getsic  this really happened to her in the past, she had been abducted several times and yet she was brave enough to relive the events in this epic darkly insane project. I don’t know how much truth is in this but the acting is crepply authentic and the results make the film very chilling.

If an hour and 20 minutes of torture isn’t your game then I guess this isn’t for you, if your into disturbing movies then this is one to check off your list.

Rating  7/10

R:Murder Set Pieces (2004), Aftermath (1994), Human Centipede (2009), August Underground (2001), Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

L: Disturbing Movies

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