Short movie roundup Feb 03 2019

I decided that I really needed to put some effort into these shorts, if I’m ever going to get back up to date with things! And with the release of Salad Fingers Ep. 11 I had renewed energy!

The Severing

Often in short movies there’s not a huge amount of time to elaborate on the characters back stories and this unknown is rarely played apon but it’s put to very good use in this incredibly well shot; out of body horror experience. A young girl has just moved into her new home and decides to try a guided out of body experience, but once out of her body she is witness to a gruesome act upon her unmanned body and is unable to awake. There are some really amazing detailed slow motion scenes and effects in this terrific horror. 8/10

Don’t Move

Not to be mistaken for another short film with the same name, reviewed here . This tension filled short has a lot of merit, the cast of two manage to create a damning atmosphere when a cleaner is faced with an curious intruder, there is a good display of camera work but the sound is minimal. The ending is quite pivotal and yet hangs wide open but remains terrifically terrifying. 7/10


One of the stand out features in this mystifying short, is that it’s not really a horror per say but it is dark; both in mood and atmosphere. A trio wait in a run down room, two seem more experienced in the matters to come, one is a total noob. He’s nervous and questions the others but they remain silent. It seems that they are in the waiting room for a man who can give you a few minutes with whoever you Crave the most, but his payment isn’t just in money.. as he has his own cravings.. It’s intriguing and has a brilliant bloody ending and powerful retro soundtrack. 5/10

Clap Clap

This is a pretty charming but weak short. The premise is that a man is house sitting for a friend, he lets himself in and after digesting and ignore the house rules he settles in for the night. The last and important rule on the list is to keep the lights on at night but after playing with the lights which turn on and off from two claps (hence the title) he falls asleep in the dark, only to be awakened by the pattering of feet and a feeling of dread.

Some part of this have so much in common with Lights Out (reviewed here and here) but there are just so many plot holes. while watching it, there are some scars but overall you can’t help thinking why the hell did any of this happen.3/10

Salad Fingers ep 11

Holy hell, David Firth finally came back and delivered something special indeed. It’s strange because I never really understood Salad fingers to be a “series” there are some connections between episodes but I just saw each film as a snapshot into his world. I’m not going to try and describe what happens because finding out is all the fun and I don’t think I can really detail everything, although this story involves Hubert becoming a real boy and being kidnapped.

Firths techniques and skills have grown in the absence of Salad Fingers but thanks to his Patriods he has come back swinging with a more fluid motion and similar twisted stories, but only just, I didn’t get the same bizarre weirdness as before but it’s still some of the most unnerving and bizarre independent animation out there. 8/10


So I found a bunch more “Clap” movies

This is pretty much the same as Clap Clap, a boy is gifted a noise activated light bulb at christmas on installing the bolt in his bedroom he clap clap it out and then starts to hear strange noises in the dark.

I’m beginning to believe that these bulbs are either cursed or they really did scare a generation and installed the fear of the dark into them again. 3/10

The Clapper

A woman with a major leg injury is home alone, her mother has sent her a clapper and some mace and leaves a loving message for her to be safe but alas we all know that some shit is gonna go down right. but this delivers a little bit more with a double ending, well done! 7/10


The perils of social media scare a young woman alone at home, when she reaches out for company on an app called SWIPR but things take a dramatic and dark turn when she’s sent picture of a dead body and someone is knocking on her door.

It could have done with some more atmosphere but it’s a solid story with lots of potential but cuts the wrong corners, the acting isn’t all that and there are other ways about filming action even in such a small space but great effort and hopefully better things will come from this team. 4/10


This movie opens like a scene to a 90’s industrial music video so it’s on the win already. The movie then slows right down but does it best to offer both backstory and emotion into the story. Eventually it takes shape, a woman is awaiting her boyfriends return, but after he does his best to scare her, he’s slaughtered by an intruder with lots of crazy gadgets he’s like a bolt on Hardware/Predator style madman. The effects are great but I’m left wondering why, she woman keeps asking and there is no real reason, I mean there doesn’t have to be but linking these things up sometimes works better than leaving an audience hanging. Well made but just doesn’t justify it’s existence 4/10

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