Room 441

this is a sort of Room 1408 type of short, a couple want to experience the haunting of Room 441, well one of them is up for it!? Despite this they both seem to ignore all the obvious queues that something is wrong but it’s a quaint little horr but buff ending that could have used some oomph, my only other criticism is that I under the sound was used as a wow factor but it was turned too far down to really hear the cast and for only a minimal amount of BOOM scares.. still it’s accomplished camera work there’s promise. 4/10

The Monster

Intruders, Stalkers and Strangers, some of the most terrifying aspects of any single person’s life are all exploited in this charming horror with brilliant cinematography and a creepy custom soundtrack. Sadly quite a large segment in the middle was too dark for too long but once some light returns, the movie takes a amazing turn and cranks up the fear. prey becomes predator and flashes of gore keep the audience on edge along with a full creepy resume of classic scares, until one final kick to the gut at the end. 8/10

Vanilla Cake

This has a really glossy hollywood feel to it, a young man is being treated as a child by a domineering all american mom, imagine the dream scene in Little Shop of Horrors but with more bleached moralistic cringe. It seems it’s his birthday, mommies special baby boy is 16 now, and his picture perfect mother starts dropping hints as to how happy she is without his father around, but each second see’s him getting more and more furious and she gloats over the disappearance of her spouse. It’s cute, well shot and perfectly acted. but in terms of horror it’s more of a thriller than anything all that terrible. Still it’s a pleasure to watch and well done to making something so polished. 4/10

Day 1000

A post apocalyptic future film with a difference a man has been living on his own way too long, he’s deeply upset and suicidal when a woman breaks in to rob him, within a day his attachment to her is obvious but she just wants to get some supplies and leave. A pull of emotions and strength will either build something beautiful or tear them apart.

Overall it’s a gorgeous film, but I feel it’s a bit basic and I mean that with total respect, there is a twist at the end but it’s clearly signposted and doesn’t come as a surprise, but with a bit more refining this could lead to something more gripping. 4/10

Mechanical Creep

This tiny short is a adorable. A woman is strolling through an urban environment when a hulking Robocop 2 style Cain robot starts stalking her but why? It’s not a horror, but I suppose there’s an element of sci fi here, I think why it struck me as something special is that it displays better quality cgi than a lot of movies released at the same time or what is their excuse!!? 7/10

JAKOB (2017)

Babysitting horrors can really be something special. There’s something perfect about having a young girl along in a strange house that screams.. SLASHER HEAVEN!

although getting the set up right is key to making a great film and this one didn’t start well, the Babysitter is basically in the hose while Jakob is out trick or treating.. what babysitting gig is this?

So this crazy wheezing masked character turns up and she just assumes it’s Jakob but despite his strange behaviour she tries to make the best of a bad situation..

The pacing and timing is great, but the action scenes let it down a bit and the ending was trash cos it was obvious from the start what was going to happen but it’s not a total loss, the getting there was good. 5/10

Happy Anniversary

I didn’t get into this as much as others, ia husband returns home to a seemly empty home but it seems that his wife made him a video on Window Movie Maker of her committing some kind of ritual suicide and then there’s a predictable ending, it’s incredibly flat, and the choice of beating yourself to death with a cookie tin is just a bit .. I just dunno.. Not feasible? 2/10


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