The Last Seven (2010)


Director: Imran Naqvi
Starring: Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Ronan Vibert. UK. 1h m

This violent post apocalyptic thriller is set in modern London and tells the confusing and frustrating story of seven people who unknowingly seem to be the only people left after a cataclysmic event has wiped out the rest of humanity. While they struggle with their partial amnesia each assumes his role in banding together which becomes more urgent as they are stalked by a strange hooded figure an angel of death who is stalking and killing them.

With such a lovely story and enough budget to clear out a piece of london it’s a perfect set up for a pretty lavish movie but with Danny Dyer playing the demonic angel of death in an attempt to bring back his career his Zoo magazine disgrace, there’s no redemption here for him or any of the cast.

Tamer Hassan plays an ok army guy who tries to keep everyone together, safe and on the move and is really the best thing about this movie It’s scary how dreary such a great premise can become through such terrible acting and filming, Ronan Vibert makes little effort in his role as he sleepwalks through his lines. Even for the low budget it could have done without so many cliches and with a bit of experimenting with the script, who knows this could have been good. So merit has to be given to the effects, that team certainly has some grasp of their job and delivered. But otherwise this thriller is notable for very little with an ending that neither surprises not satisfied. I’m wondering why anyone bothered.

Rating: 2/10

R: 28 Days Later (2002), Dead End (2003)
L: Post Apocalyptic thrillers
5s: Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan
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