Slime City (1988)

Director: Greg Lamberson
Starring: Robert Sabin, Mary Hunter, Bunny Levine, Dennis Embry. USA. 1h 28m

Despite being on par with the average Troma movie this imaginative occult gory body horror is strangely fun to watch and gives adequate nods to a number of classic horror movies in a psychotropic manner.

When a young art student, Alex (Devon) moves into a new apartment in a run down area of NYC with the intentions of getting his girlfriend Lori (Hune) to “sleep over”, he tries to be accommodating of his misfit neighbours, but after a supposedly vegetarian meal of Himalayan Yogurt made by Landlady Lizzie (Jane Doniger Reibel) with one of the more poetic tennants Roman (Embry), that’s quickly washed down with a mysterious home brew made by her dead alchemist father Zachary. His timid girlfriend Lori Starts to notice disturbing changes in her boyfriend, especially after he awakens one morning with a new blood lust and dripping with slime.

Alex is such a “nice guy” he’s like some guy in a commercial who just can’t be any other than uplifting, and that’s why everything that happens to him just seems that so much worse.

*A horror film with guts!*


So after his strange meal, life changes so dramatically for Alex, he starts leaking a yellow killer slime then he starts to melt, while talking on the disguise of Steve from The Incredibly Melting Man (1977) he begins to panic, and while hiding in an alleyway he spots a tramp (a man who he helped out only the the day before) and begins to beat the innocent man to death, this scene is more of a comedy beating than full on violent but it’s adequate gory for this style of movie. But after the killed he returns to his normal self again and quickly runs home to process what’s happened. This cycle continues and slowly Alex’s alter ego, known as Zachery becomes more extreme until he starts to learn why he craves the home brew and sex with his goth rocker neighbour Nicole (Huner), but it’s up to his ever loving girlfriend to work out the esoteric workings behind the events going on in Alex’s apartment and the massacre that happened on the grounds around the site.

The film is quite brilliant, I adore the outlandish approach and it’s respectful of what it’s budget could create but it certainly feels as if everyone put a ton of effort in and really enjoyed making this psychotic nightmare.

The final showdown sees Lori fight against Zachery in a Evil Dead body horror style show down in a retro kitchen and it’s goretastic and a perfect way to end an brilliant movie.Every element may be budgeted apart from the drive and imagination and that’s what makes it so great, it’s easy to see why it has such a cult following.

Rating 8/10

R: Slime City Massacre (2010), The Incredible Melting Man (1977), Evil Dead (1981) Invisible Man (1933)

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