Shorts Round up March 24 2019

Well done to all the 3 people who noticed that I had forgotten to post last week, what can I say it was St Patricks Day!?? sadly I have no prizes for you but here are some more shorts

Kicking off the weekly findings with

Greasy Treats

A creature feature with a twist, a man find some free floor pizza and I don’t mean vomit, picking up and devouring the tasty snacks he find that he’s being stalked by something sinister, I must admit that I love it when creature use humans as life bait but I’ve never seen one use pizza to bait someone.

The Cornering

Shorts like this need to be made, people need to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking, strangely being only shy over a minute long it’s a decent little scare flick. hopefully the first of many?

Level 11

This is a student piece, showing a group of student breaking into an abandoned building and things going tits up, the filming and sound are a bit shoddy but I love how the swearing is bleeped out, it’s a bit of a constant shaky cam situation which is hard to really workout where you are or what’s going on, the mumbling doesn’t help and I feel sorry for the “actors” as you could see how they were struggling with the bright lights blinding them every few seconds. I did kinda just want it to end. after the first 2 minutes and the bangs and screaming got really repetitive really quickly. But well done those kids, it’s not like I’ve ever made a movie and I’m sure I couldn’t do better.

God Provides

This thought provoking short that just about touches 10 minutes shows the aftermath on an American town after Hurricane Katrina, with a touch of fiction, a man searches for his kitchen appliances, a preacher takes photos as souvenirs and a disabled woman heads out to a quiet place to get closer to god. Two teen complain about the lack of clubs but ultimately everyone is sad at the amount of lives that have been lost with a backdrop of wasted cars and hand written signs for missing loved ones and a landscape littered with personal belongings.. it’s strangely filled with hope.

Gothic Aztecs

this is more of a preview of a feature, a lot of it reminds me of the work of Guy Maddin it has a eerie feeling of the early movies of the 20/30s with animation and cut outs spliced into real action, a mishmash of symbols and with the classic backing music this looks like a promising movie.. but I can’t seem to find a final piece!!

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