Moth (2016)

Director: Gergo Elekes, Jozsef Gallai.
Starring.Lidia Szabo, Jozsef Gallai. UK/HUNGRY/USA. 1h 21m.

I’ve never been so irritated by a lead character in any film so much as by the terrible co lead in this offensively bad horror. While I understand that English isn’t Lidia’s first language and have no problem with her thick accent and delivery of lines, she makes this constant clicking mouth noise in EVERY line of dialogue which really brought on a case of misophonia. I think maybe if the film was more gripping and she wasn’t so bad at acting it might not have been so bad. The rest of the cast, ie the director, makes a better effort as a more stoic broody Swedish born hero of the film he’s the voice of reason to his scatty partner in crime.

An imaginative tutor, Thora (Szabo) has noticed a trend in mothman sightings in a rural area of the Ukraine, she petitions her students for a volunteer to accompany her on a mission into the area too locate the truth behind the legendary cryptid. And Adam (Gallai) signs up, but as soon as they arrive in the nearest town, some strangeness starts to freak him out, but Thora is pretty upbeat and is eager to carry on until they become stranded in the forest with a strange powdery stalker.

The whole thing has absolutely no life to it, and could easily have been a short 20-30 minute movie, the padding out is pointless (annoying) conversations about Thora wanting to be an actress, and Adam’s high moral standards, he’s a crushing ocean of feelings and is often overwhelmed, a lot of people didn’t like him, but I was on a similar pages as him for most of the movie, i.e. lets gets the fuck out of here..

Mothman is one of the few cryptids that seems to install a lot of fear to night time travellers and conjures up a lot of hype when spotted but the worst movies ever seem to be made about it/him (do moth women exist?). There’s not a lot more to this than the Blair Witch, they run around get spooked by very little evidence and screaming at every opportunity, but the acting is quite poor so it’s not as exciting or believable but when the film hits its lowest point a curve ball gets thrown into the mix and a dramatically different ending unwinds the story. It’s quite brilliant and ends the film on a (slight) high but the catch your breath moment isn’t solidified with any real evidence or energy.

Rating: 2/10

RBlair Witch Project (1999), Mothman Prophecies (2002)
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