Moth (2016) – Post Movie Discussion

Director: Gergo Elekes, Jozsef Gallai.
Starring.Lidia Szabo, Jozsef Gallai. UK/HUNGRY/USA. 1h 21m.

Please note that this post discussion is a post discussion! Therefore it’s full of spoilers and discloses information about the ENTIRE film, including the beginning middle and yes the ending, and also these films…damn there is no other films like it..

So if you’ve not seen Moth (2016) or any of the above, it’s probably better not to read on, instead please check out my spoiler free review here.


For the most part this movie hinges all its energy on a very short dramatic ending. A tutor enlists a student to travel with her to the Ukraine to investigate mothman but is that all?

The Ending

She alludes to wanting to be an actress, and slowly as things start breaking down for Adam near the end of the film it becomes obvious that Thora isn’t really as unsettled, mostly because she’s acting. In a montage of of “Woah Nelly” moments the directors slowly unveil a plot drawn up by Thora and a few friends to take one of her students out into the woods and scare the crap out of him, the end result isn’t really clear, I think they were just in it for the shits and gigs, or maybe it was an elaborate experiment and they were trying to prove that you can make someone believe in a cryptid.

Each scene where Adam finds something relevant to Mothman being “real” is explained, the trio made imitation moth dust, played dead, moved cars and faked maps, a lot of effort really went into this. But the twist really comes when Adam claims that he REALLY saw the Mothman. Now the ending of the movie is pretty dark and I personally didn’t see any sign of a cryptid so again it’s not solid if the aim was to show that they just happened on the mothman or if the power of suggestion was really hitting home.

Either way the final 10/15 minutes of the movie really were the best, I think it would have been amplified if they could have added some tiny hints to look for on a second viewing to see things being staged, there are a healthy number of Horrors that involve cameras and footage being taken, suddenly someones watching the tapes and they discover something hidden in the footage, you rewind your movie and boom ting you missed it, heck it even happened in Profondo Rosso (197) the killer was there all along..

So while the movie was dull and pretty uneventful it did go out with a bang, but it was too little too late, and I really can’t understand what the role of the British boyfriend was all about, Thora skypes him, they have a short conversation and then he’s never mentioned again. But another weird backstory is the relationship between Thora and her mother, they don’t talk, she hates her, there are a few lengthy conversations about this, Adam suggests that she makes amends, and at the very end of the film where’s she’s arrested for her part in a tragic game gone wrong (i’ll get to it) there is a call from her mother which she cuts off..a sign that she really doesn’t give a fuck.

Sequel potential?

So near the end of the film the other players in this sick game start to be more visible, but one is tragically stabbed to death, even Adam is injured in the fiasco, and it’s all brought to a tragic end. Thora and then arrested for her part in things, Adam is apparently recovering. While this is a pretty good time to end the film it would be interesting to see Adam head back out and try to really nail this coffin shut.

So while it started out annoying and got boring there merit is in the final scenes, Maybe the whole thing went to hell during production with a director who couldn’t manage tone or actors who checked out early? who knows? There’s some trivia that when Lidia Szabo was alone in an abandoned building filming her scenes there were some mysterious noises but she didn’t capture any of this so.. Meh. It’s weird thinking back as the the beginning and end are one scene, the foggy misty scenes where Thora is arrested and they are the most carefully and most beautifully shot, if more of the film had this much attention then it at least it would have been pleasurable to watch even if everything else was a little.. Meh..

Rating: 2/10

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