Shorts Roundup April 21st 2019

I’m still slightly hungover and knocking on the door of diabetes from a heavy easter so bare with me for such a short line up this week.. I will try harder next week!

So I’ll begin with

The Cycle

This highly CGI stylized fantasy short shows the plight of trying to get above your station while being trained in esoteric fields.. A young student wants to replace her master but in her rush she encounters a strange demonic creature.. but somehow it seems all too familiar.

It kinda looks how I’d imagine Nightmare to be if remade today, the unnecessary poor CGI doesn’t lend the film any favours but I do enjoy cycle based films and ideas of time travel so the narrative is strong and providing you like this element of fantasy story telling then you might just enjoy this also.

and it reminds me of something I saw when I was a young tyke that had a profound effect on me.. when I find a copy of it I’ll add it o a future list and all will make sense


I was kinda hoping for a horror but this is just a short drama about a couple breaking up until a norbet turns up to buy an amp, his unconnected interruption beings to shed some light on what remains of the couples dying relationship and opens a new chapter.. it’s interesting but isn’t as deep as it pretends to be.


I was quite surprised to see Liam Boyle in this dark and mysterious short movie. He plays Ben, an artist who while painting sees a man throw a suitcase into a river, on retrieving it and returning to his apartment he discovers an albino boa constrictor, but this isn’t even the scary part, inside the case there is a Death Note style book and pretty soon names start appearing in it.

Obviously well acted from the tour de force of Awaydays, Ben is accompanied by a pretty solid cast in a work that does seem to be only an introduction to a much bigger work, hopefully the writer, director and Boyle himself will go onto bigger and better things and pretty sharpish.

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