From Hell to the Wild West (2017)

Director: Rene Perez
Starring: Robert Bronzi, Karin Brauns, Alanna Forte, Nicole Stark, Charlie Glackin, Robert Kovacs .USA. 1h 17m

I was a bit confused about this movie, the cover made it look like Charlie B has come back from the dead to hunt a monster in the desert, and I’d buy that for a dollar. This indie film is only slightly different in that it actually stars Robert Bronzi who is an Ukranian actor who made it big as a Charles Bronson impersonator.. In this Horror Western he’s an experience hunter and tracker who is on hot pursuit for a deranged serial killer who’s been stalking women in the desert and wrecking their bodies in a similar style as a certain well known London killer.

Alongside this action movie there’s another story set in the modern day where a uber clued in student has a pet project and explains a theory to her tutor about the possibility of Jack the Ripper having escaped England and have travelled to the United States where he settled in and started killing again. Chapter by chapter the pair detail the wild possibility of Jack killing in the wild west, as the movie progresses those theories from “real” evidence.

The whole idea isn’t that alien, there have been many assumptions about what Jack might have done when the killings stopped in the English capital, but Perez has managed to put together a fairly convincing story, although it has some limitations, the acting isn’t superb although Bronzi definitely does look and sound like the cult actor but there isn’t a lot of him in the movie, which seems scattered, the only really solid character is the killer, he’s supposed to be the impeccable Brit who had a surgical hand, but instead he’s adapted well as he now has an American accent and is totally adorable in a Leatherface kinda way as he seems to need to put on a “special” mask in order to drum up his fetish for ladies innards.

There’s a curious little story that somehow flows into this story of a white woman who’s out to sell her black house slave when she realises her husband has been lusting after her, but when the psycho starts stalking them, it’s amazing how a bond between the two women grows.

Perez has a pretty extensive catalog of films under his belt, most seem to be dedicated to the undead or renditions of classic fairy tales but his dedication is very apparent, for an indie movie this particular project could have been a lot worse but for all it’s faults I did actually enjoy this unique western for its originality and curious attempt at evolving a serial killer.

Rating: 3/10

R: Bone Tomahawk (2015)
L: Horror Westerns


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