Frankenstein: Day of the Beast (2011)

Director: Ricardo Islas.
Starring: Michelle Shields, Adam Stephenson, Tim Krueger .USA. 1h 31m

This indie Frankenstein movie has it unique charms but ultimately falls at a few hurdles before crashing through a dull and predictable ending.

Dr Frankenstein (Stephenson) returns to his family home with a new bride, a gorgeous black woman who is fluent in French and slowly learning English with his attentive sister,on returning to his family’s modest cabin in the woods his sister is enchanted to have a fellow woman around his blind father is a bit more reserved.While praying in the woods, Victors bride is murdered by a vicious monster, who then goes a step further and kills the rest of his family. Victor is aware of the monster and soon awakens to the reality that the monster is determined to kill any person Victor becomes attached to, but it doesn’t stop him, the prat decides to get married again to a young lady named Elizabeth (Shields) but to ensure that the wedding goes ahead without a hitch he hires some mercenaries to protect him and his bride.

The ceremony is held on a remote island that the couple are rowed to by a wisen old man, in a derelict and shored up church a worried priest stands by for this unusual matrimony, many men are on watch by the river, in the woods and in the back of the church.

Slowly the monster (Krueger) wrapped in terrible makeup and bandages, descends on the specially prepared men, but with his massive size and aggressive nature he starts a bloody slaughter and lays siege on a handful of survivors.

The film has some leanings to the old school Hammer Horror with its look and feel, but the execution is quite tacky, the opening carries a lot of promise with it’s unusual stance on the classic horror fable but after the new wedding is introduced it slows down and runs at a snail’s pace The rest of the movie just plays out as you’d expect but there are no shocks and thrills but there is a lot of screaming… wild and unconvincing screaming. But for an indiegogo project made by the fans for the fans I hope it meets their expectations but for me it just didn’t entertain.

Rating 2/10

R: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994), Frankenstein Vs the Mummy (2015), Frankenstein Reborn (2005)
A: The Cinematic history of Frankenstein
L: A-Z of Frankenstein

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