Shorts Roundup May 5 2019


Coming of age during a Zombie apocalypse is pretty hard, but dealing with the bleak Swedish winter as a young boy alone with his mother doesn’t really bolster the situation. Still the duo soldier on until they find an abandoned car by the side of the road with supplies and just enough petrol to get them to safety, but the mother finds two of the owners in the forest but something or someone appears to be missing.

It’s not earth shatteringly new, watching the pair stagger through the ice, it’s easy to see where the film is driving the narrative to, but it’s so well filmed and acted it’s a pleasure to watch, but could have done with a bit more of a rousing score.


This has been on my favourite shorts lists for quite some time, I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to review it.

One of those rare heartwarming steps outside of reality to really perceive the dangers and perils of our mundane lives, this Practical VFX shorts rightly won several awards. A man lives an incredibly boring and repetitive life, soon his persistent headaches are diagnosed as him turning into an elephant in a really bizarre diagnosis scene where a doctor uses a picture of Babar to illustrate his affliction, soon after he’s pictured losing his family, job and possibly his sanity. But is there a fulfilling life after one has left the rat race and become free?

I really love when directors are left to their own devices, and try new avenues of storytelling. Sometimes being outside of one’s comfort zone helps place you in a better place to really absorb new concepts and with the many possibilities that can be derived from this fascinating story it helps that the unusual is at hand here.

Room 88

A neighbour dispute rages over power outages, but what the avid reader who can’t read in the dark doesn’t know is that Room 88 is occupied by Mr Tesla, or who everyone travelling from the past and future assumes is Mr Tesla.

This quaint short is pretty solid in it’s approach with a hint of comedy and noir.

Mike Booth’s £250 project filmed in a shed is definitely one to watch and hopefully it will be expanded on, although nothing is in the pipeline just yet, this talent for creating Jean-Pierre Jeunet style atmosphere is something that can’t go amis.


This heavily reliant CGI short depicts a terrifying future where human are the basic pets of mechanical overlords. It’s cute in that the tubby pet of the unnamed robot manages to find some love with another human but in reflection it’s a pretty damning future, at least in the matrix we had a fighting chance.

For the limits in budget etc, the film does look quite good and manages to remain upbeat despite the bleak future it portrays.

I’m Home

A young woman arrives home and settles in for a night alone when strange things begin to happen, plates appear from nowhere and the shower switches on but while she continues the cat and mouse chase for the invisible culprit the lights go out.

There’s not a lot to the film, but it does have one of those double endings, the first is a faux but you have to watch out for the second, it’s a bit underpowered but that’s where the real scare is. It’s a pretty good attempt at a horror movie but it just doesn’t do much for me overall.

Tooth Man

A young girl is afraid of the tooth man but her babysitter tries to assure her that it’s just a cruel jest by the kids at school who are mistaken the tooth man for the tooth fairy, then strange noises spark a series of creepy events.

It’s a pretty atmospheric short, with admirable jump scares but a bizarre set up some confusing lies that adults tell children.

The sound could have been checked and adjusted a little better but apart from that it’s an interesting intro for the Tooth Man that just needed a bit more care and attention.


A light piano introduces the main character in this horror short, and it seems the team here are obsessed with strange camera angles and attentive with the accompanying sounds and music in their poignant short and the OST is available on Bandcamp if you’re interested.

The film follows a young boy as he belts away from a potential ass whooping from a sinister looking bully who wouldn’t go amiss in a Stephen King novel. after running his ass into the forest and gets lost in his unfamiliar surrounding. While starving, cold and hungry he finds a stranger who’s mere touch awakens something in him.

Unlike a lot of shorts it’s narrated, I think most directors avoid this, they want the film to speak for itself but when the lead has the potential to turn into a bloody thirsty beast it might be hard to get those inner feelings out on the screen and this is achieved through a gentle voice actor.



While I thought i understood this movie throughout the first act, it takes a sudden change which really shook me up a bit,I had to watch it a few times to really appreciate it in both its visual beauty and sentiment but I got there. The film was advertised as a journey of a group of medieval knight who are searching for an ancient tomb in which they must perform an exorcism but during their time they make up several games to pass the time, I wasn’t expecting the games to be nude but it brightened my day. What really makes this stand out is the effect and camera work, it really looks like a genuine 70’s production, not just a modern film with a bit of fake tracking. It’s so dreamy, but once you’ve settled into the idea of this being set in medieval argentina, things take a sudden change when they drive into the sunset. But the story does continue, a very ground and stereotypes

breaking movie.

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