Friday 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

AKA Friday the 13th: Part V
Director: Danny Steinmann
Starring: Melanie Kinnaman, John Shepherd, Shavar Ross, Richard Young. USA. 1h 32m

One of the more kooky and tame sequels in the Friday the 13th universe, sees Jason or his “ghost” terrorising and possessing an unlikely bunch of social misfits that are being cared for in fictional halfway house, one of the first deviations away from Camp Crystal Lake that envisions the return of iconic cult serial killer and the kid who killed him in the previous movie.

The murderous spirit of Jason Voorhees is enough to strike fear even when he’s assumed to be dead, and the entire plot of this mad horror hinges on the mystery around whether he’s possessing the body of his murder or potentially returned from the grave.

The movie opens with Corey Feldman as the young Tommy who killed him in the previous movie, embark on digging up his grave to see if the slayer is still dead, also he and a buddy are then slain by the recently risen corpse of Jason, this turned out to be a nightmare from the now twisted teenage Tommy (Shepherd) who’s involvement with Jason has left him all shades of fucked up.

Tommy’s arrival to a care home of mentally disturbed kids, opens with him witnessing the wild murder of Joey (Brascia) an annoying overweight kid who is hacked to death by a psychotic patient, Vic (Venturini) although Vic is carted off to prison more bodies (20+ by the end of the film) keep turning up, and Tommy starts experiencing more and more violent outbursts which get him and the other housemates to start doubting his sanity and involvement in the carnage.

One by one the teens are slaughtered in all stages of undress and while doing cringe worthy “goth” dancing (i really wanted that hair style when I was a kid tho..) but the film is incredibly tame compared to a lot of others in this franchise, it refuses to be the old style of slasher/stalker film and due to its lack of enthusiasm the old route sprung back for the next installment but it is what it is.

There’s not a lot else to the movie, it introduces a few country folk who are more comedic than anything else, but as the movie plods along it racks up more than a few bodies which is pretty much all that is required by the flavour of the day.

There’s a lot of teenage failures to score, dates that go wrong and these kids have more than acne to be worried about as the director uses their state of undress as a signal to the killer to come in and slash away. It’s a clumsy movie which can’t really decide if it’s going to be a comedy horror or not, overall a bit of a mess but I can’t help loving it for the it’s faults.

Rating 4/10

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