Selfie from Hell (2018),

Director: Erdal Ceylan.
Starring. Alyson Walker, Tony Giroux, Meelah Adams. USA. 1h 15m.

Selfie from Hell, started out as a 2 minutes horror movie that for millions of views on YouTube years ago, but now we have this full length feature that’s supposed to up the ante and the short answer is that.. “nope” it just doesn’t come across as being more frightening or more compelling than the horror short.

So some girl gets terrorised by a shadowy figure which is stalking her in her selfies, any other photo is totally fine but whenever she takes a picture of herself this dark monster begins to get closer, until one picture later and boom it’s upon her and while she’s now bedridden her “niece”? (I really couldn’t care for the relationship, the build up to this point was slow and .. boring) visits to help look after her, and starts to dig into the story and is soon hunted by the same entity but luckily she has a laptop and starts to find answers on the dark web…


it’s just too much of the same old creepy pasta-esque stories, I think if they started making this style of film when the Pasta’s started up then it would have more weight as it hadn’t been re graduated so many times, but the scope of making it bigger and better has just been lost now. I can see the attraction though, the old fable about photographs being magical still has a place in horror, I remember quite a few scenes in Shutter (2004) scaring the bejesus outta me, so the trick still works, and the lord knows how much we love to rip the shit out of selfie queens for their toxic pollution. So how could a mix of the two be so bad.

The film just doesn’t have much presence, it’s not really all that memorable either, it’s a common canned package of stock screams, and terribly obvious jump scares and another movie which relies on internet gossip of the dark web to amp up the fear like Unfriended (2014) attempted to do but at least it had the decency to wait for the sequel to spring that shit on us. For a large part of the movie when the lass is “fighting” the entity that stalks young chicks selfies the film takes on a air of someone fighting a demon, there are some amateur dramatics but nothing to shake a Nun (2018) at.. The other half is pitiful deep web browsing, and even after the mystery solving duo being to make headway the more they uncover the more ridiculous the film becomes.

Needless to say the film doesn’t pack any surprises or many punches, it’s painfully obvious how things are going to play out and the acting is dire, for a large part of the movie it’s introduced as if it’s is something new and wonderful and I suppose if this is your first horror movie it just might be.. but for seasoned fans I can only prepare you for the boredom.

Rating 2/10

RShutter (2004), Unfriended (2014), E Demon (2018),
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