It’s been a long while since I last caught up with this *series* but here we go with another volume, part 1 can be found here.


This induced a few nightmare and is certainly one of the vivid animations that I have never been able to shake off or forget. A man is walking home when he hears violent cries as a woman is being drowned in a public fountain, on saving her he realises he’s a Harpy and his life is never going to be the same again. This dimly lit mix of stop motion and clever cinematography bring to

life an ancient creature with all it’s vivid horrors and mysteries.The erratic movements and unique language really give a crazy edge to an already claustrophobic movie.


This film isn’t necessarily one of the most inventive but it’s a great story but what i really love about this clip is it’s actually from the Four-Mations show!! I used to get all excited about life when I used to see that vivid intro!

This black and white piece by Ruth Lingford deals with a woman’s perspective of love sex and death ultimately. The basic drawings shouldn’t be mistaken for a basic story in the slightest,instead the fluid concepts tend to grow on screen as life morphs and progresses, at times it’s frightening but with beautiful overtones.

The Black Dog – Alison De Vere

I’m adding all of my favourites in this edition as I’ve lost a lot of links since posting the first story but The Dog was a life changer for me, this came on Fourmations but I had seen it before with a series of animations about insomnia, something I was experiencing at the time and lived with for years.

A woman is woken by a Black Dog, he takes her to a mysterious area called Complex Fatal which hosts a shop, restaurant and disco, the woman is drawn into the boutique and experiences the finest goods that the mythical creatures can conjure up for her as the expense of many animals and expensive materials but the payoff is a life changing lesson for her, I adore it’s creativity and blend of nightmare and dreams. There’s something rather sinister about it but for a long while I got as drawn into it all as the main character, it’s easy to get lost in this much imagination.

The Tune by Bill Plympton

I adore Bill’s work, this blend of stiff upper lip and absolute disregard for safety melded with anamorphic slapstick violence is just what got me through high school.. There’s never really a plot so to speak off with his work there’s usually just two characters doing despicable things to each other, a bit like Itchy and Scratchy but with.. a quieter demeanor. But i do love how their expressionless being just get on with the job at hand.

A Gum Boy

This film was banned at the time Channel Four added it to their series but after a bit of pioneering it seems to be about everywhere so I’m assuming the ban has been lifted.

I still don’t understand why it was banned unless it was made by someone who offended the Japanese government or something, maybe there’s some symbolism I’m missing?

Daddy’s Little Bit of Dresden China – Karen Watson

A BAFTA nominated mixed media piece that deals with domestic abuse and the behavior which helps breed the despicable behavior and oppresses the victims. It’s one of the harder pieces to watch due to the backstories involved, no one really wants to know that behind closed doors children are being violated and people beaten, but it happens and luckily through art like this we’re all more aware and educated on the matter, so thumbs up to art that changes the world for the better


this is more of a lyrical piece it’s a interesting to listen to as to watch, and while the two don’t really match exactly there is a strange connection between the two, pure poetry in motion. It’s something that would fit in with the Hip scene that featured in the club in the movie Bucket of Blood.

Ah Pook is here

This collaboration between William S Burroughs, John Cale and Brian Gysin and Philip Hunt… When I first saw this I didn’t know what was going on, but now I’m an adult I don’t know what’s going on but I appreciate it a little bit more.


This babbleese movie is so charming and plays on lots of ideas about outward appearance vs inner feelings using masks and symbolising emotions all hosted in a crazy maze of a world. The ‘people ‘ generally look like walking pepperoni’s. And my favourite part is when our lead leaves work and heads out on the town, the drunken pub banter is pretty spot on. But with a slightly uplifting ending it’s not such a bad bad world.

Cornucopia – Paul Couvela

A very strange pub indeed.. Everything is so dark and dingy in this stop motion film centered in a strange medieval style pub, between the kama sutra card games and the worms that people often spit out of their cloth faces, there’s a lot going on. The people talk in growls and ever so slightly their milky eyes give away the odd secret, this is something the Quay’s would be proud of I’m sure.

Toxic – Andrew McEwan

This stop motion may contain flashing images! It’s a pretty active short, with scenes reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing as creatures morph and grow and transform, dead wet specimens come to life and escape their confines and get back to nature, despite their decomposition until a battle breaks out between them and what I perceive as the Toxic a creature made of death and decay, something i’m sure they are all fighting anyway. It’s pretty different in its approach and technique.

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