Short Movie Roundup 30 JUNE 2019

Short Movie Roundup 30 JUNE 2019

I wasn’t going to publish anything this week due to the weekend being so darn busy but I’m going to try and squeeze a couple for my one dedicated fan.. here’s looking at you kid.

The Toothbrush

A short Hmong horror (with subs calm down soy boy) about a man who’s haunted by a child’s toothbrush. Yep you can officially make a horror out of any subject so don’t forget to be adventurous my filmmaking buddies… Yes it’s a comedy and yeah it’s pretty effective for what it is, but I felt the ending was a bit of a let down, why is it always a creepy chick at the end??

Midnight Clear

At first it’s hard to work out what’s going on in between the lines of this short movie, it’s clear to see that it’s not simply a couple allowing their children to open a few christmas presents early but it’s not clear why they are acting so damned odd, but by the time the reveal comes around, it hits like a double whammy and is the perfect ending to a pretty inventive and well played out short.


Not just another social media horror, this one really takes on a creepy physical aspect too, an influencer soon notices a blemish, while he attempts to carry on regardless of the film turns into a psychotropic technicolor nightmare. But while the short is amusing and dark it does highlight the power of being fan driven and self absorbed in the most gruesome way. Not necessarily new but I do like the colourful approach

Playing Doctor – Next patient

A couple of kids playing doctor.. what could go wrong? This film seems to be on par with My First Day these two would make the most amazing couple when they grow up.. I know me and @OverlordViper would be proud if our kids grew up like this!

Haunt Me

I really enjoyed this short, a young girl is doing all she can to see a ghost, from buying things at yard sales from the deceased and conjuring up spirits to staying in a haunted hotel, most people don’t aim to do such things but it’s her family tradition and she!into the unknown with gusto. But as with a lot of these horror shorts, there’s a catch…

And for anyone who’s been paying attention. here’s the final part of the Outer Darkness…

So a group of people are playing a sick game of chance with a mysterious monster, the stake is generally your life but the price is everything you can wish for.

It seems to be a bit of a push breaking this up into 3 parts but “The Outer Darkness” directed by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton is one of the better funded and creative horrors with a touch of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser and a lot of heart and superb film making skills. Not only are the creature effects really detailed and perfect for the style of movie, the brilliant camera work and cinematography is also accurately sensitive to the matter. This is a great conclusion and a great beginning…. I can’t wait to see where this goes next.


Field Freak (2016)

AKA – The Monster Outside – Hüte dich vor der Dunkelheit
Director: Stephen Folker
Starring: Glenn Harston, Dave Juehring, Trena Penson, Tristan Coppola, Jim Nieciecki. USA. 1h 30m

The cover for this indie horror is mightily impressive but I think that’s where the budget stopped, still it got my attention and luckily I’m a sucker for indie movies and despite it’s poor attempt at being a convincing horror, it actually a loveable movie.

I do have a soft spot for bigfoot movies and films that include one legged black guys who make root beer in old bathtubs out back, but maybe because of my magnetism to bigfoot, or maybe I just like bad movies, it’s hard to justify why I can see all the bad points in Field Freak but still have some warmth for the film. Sometimes you’ll discover a b movie with no love or care, they either try too hard to create outside of their budget or like this family horror, they just admit that they don’t have a huge budget and just set out to make something enjoyable with a lot of heart, it won’t win over a majority but it is what it is. Continue reading Field Freak (2016)

I am Zozo (2006)

AKA Are You There?
Director:Scott Di Lalla .
Starring.Demetrius Sager,Courtney Foxworthy, Kelly McLaren, Caleb Courtney USA. 1h 25m.

As part of my Occult A-Z I have been watching some of the best and worst that cinema has to offer and pretty early on I was easily set on this being the end of the list but i’m afraid that the list will end on a low note.

I‘m a huge supporter of lower budget movies but what they lack funds they do have to make up with some passion, some drive, a bit of energy!! But this is little more than entry level horror, which is a shame as the whole Zozo mythos is pretty interesting and usually harbors a few jumps and sleepless nights. Continue reading I am Zozo (2006)

The Guardians / Zaschitniki / Защитники (2017)

Director: Sarik Andreasyan
Starring: Sebastien Sisak, Sanzhar Madiyev, Anton Pampushnyy, Alina Lanina, Valeriya Shkirando, Stanislav Shirin, Vyacheslav Razbegaev .Russia. 1h 29m

This is Russia’s slightly underpowered answer to movies like The Avengers (2012) and came out the same year as Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 (2017), initially the movie was hyped but instantly bombed in the Russian Charts and started to receive numerous negative reviews mostly in Russia, but it’s slowly gained a trickle of fans worldwide despite its flaws it’s an ok movie, for me it’s way more enjoyable than other blockbusters that try to take themselves too seriously so if you’re into B-Movies or anything psychotropic then it might just be the super flick you’ve been looking for.

Kicking off in the Cold War, a secret organization called “Patriot” gathered some heroes together from former states in order to defend the homeland, altering their DNA these different nationalities of the Soviet Union all have their own individual special powers, a quick run down, and I’m only using their codenames, Ursus (Serbia) (Pampushnyy) who’s generally a strong man but is also a cuddle Werebear, Khan (Kazakhstan) (Madi) who looks a lot like Casshern but he’s super fast and uses curved swords and flashes around like Nightcrawler, Ler (Armenia)(Sisak) can control the earth and rocks, a bit like Bluto and Ben from Fantastic 4, and finally Xenia (Moscow) (Lanina) who can turn invisible and transform into water and all sorts of lady shit..yadda yadda… Continue reading The Guardians / Zaschitniki / Защитники (2017)

Short movie round up 23 June 2019

The cat came back

I remember watching this as a kid and I found it so disturbing, I think there’s this innate fear that there’s something that you just can’t get rid of or hide from. Now it’s not all that fighting unless you replace the cat with a Xenomoph then you’d probably think about it in a different way. But the animation itself it absolutely brilliant in it’s simplicity and funny nature.

Jack attack

I love Halloween, for the commercial side of things and for the deeper pagan connections, I love everything about it, and I do love to make pumpkin soup and pie so I have carved up quite a lot in my time but now I might think twice about eating the seeds… I really love the effects in this short they are totally gross and disgusting as they should be. It obviously took a lot of time and effort and probably came at quite a cost but it was definitely worth it and hopefully this team will go onto a feature soon. Continue reading Short movie round up 23 June 2019

The Kindred (1987)

Director:Jeffrey Obrow and Stephen Carpenter.
Starring: Amanda Pays, Talia Balsam, Kim Hunter, Rod Steiger, David Allen Brooks .USA. 1h 32m

80’s horror will always be remembered for being gutsy and it really liked to spill those guts all over the screen, This film is mild i some respects as it tries to build a respectable story but as the monster is slowly revealed there’s healthy lashings of tentacles and slime but without much actual blood, a strange combination that remains interesting but is noticeably lacking all the right ingredients to make it a stand out from all the other films of the era.

A brilliant scientist Amanda Hollins (Hunter) awakes from a coma and informs her equally brilliant son (Brooks) that he must destroy her journals and her final experiment aka his brother, bewildered he arranges to take his research staff and his girlfriend out to his mother’s house to carry out her request but soon she dies, unknown to him she’s killed by a rival (mad) scientist Dr. Phillip Lloyd (Steiger), who can’t be trusted around small animals and to be honest I wouldn’t trust him with kids either, but he’s desperate to find out what Amanda has been up to. Continue reading The Kindred (1987)

Late Phases / Night of the Wolf (2014)

Director : Adrián García Bogliano
Starring : Nick Damici, Ethan Embry, Lance Guest. USA/Spain. 1h 35m

I had been looking for this film for some time as i made it a personal mission to watch every werewolf movie when I was a creepy deathrock teenager and preferred them over vampires any day. Werewolf Order!!!

It’s an unusual set up to a lot of other horror movies with wild beasts involved, and the strange concoction of seasoned cast seems to side step the normal for a set of very unusual and slightly surreal characters, at times I wondered if this was a metaphor for something more profound?

A cantankerous veteran Ambrose (Damici) moves into a quiet and peaceful retirement home in a gated community called Crescent Bay, after the loss of his wife, the aging, blind vet and his dog are settled in by Will (Embry), Ambrose’s adoring son but it’s clear their relationship has been through the the wars there’s respect but something gloomy from the past under the surface. Ambrose’s exceptional smell and hearing leads him to his adorable neighbour who he befriends, but later on that night she’s brutalised by a hairy beast, Ambrose attempts to save her but he and his dog are injured in this unexpected animal attack. Sadly the beloved dog dies from his injuries but Ambrose goes into survival mode and begins a personal hunt for the beast. Continue reading Late Phases / Night of the Wolf (2014)

L’sola defli uomini pesce / Island of the Fishmen AKA Screamers (1979)

Director: Sergio Martino.
Starring. Barbara Bach, Joseph Cotten, Richard Johnson. Italy. 1h 40m.

Somewhere in this science fiction fantasy horror, there is a great director who’s floundering out of his depths. Martino has some crackers under his belt including All the Colours of the Dark (1972).

Starting with a murder is always the best way to start a Giallo and Martino with all this previous experience kept to his tradition, a couple embark on a shifty night time mission to find hidden treasures, only to be met with clawed fish hands and bloody death in the (surprisingly well lit) dank caves of an unknown island, along with their mercenary crew who are slaughtered by the same hands along the shore. A short while later in 1891 a military doctor Lieutenant Claude de Ross (Claudio Cassinelli) survives not one but two shipwrecks and ends up on a mysterious island with a handful of prisoners survived with him. On this strange isle the are faced with hunger and some of the convicts meet grisley ends with the fishmen and the survivors flee into the jungle only to encounter Edmond Rackham (Johnson) who’s a sadistic douchebag who’s on a power hungry ego trip, alongside him is a stunning captive, Amanda (Bach). Continue reading L’sola defli uomini pesce / Island of the Fishmen AKA Screamers (1979)

Short Film Roundup June 16 2019


What’s not to love about a darkly stylistic animated horror movie! this is indeed Macabre by name and by nature. A man stumbles from a car wreck, a dying badger was the only living thing for miles, unable to call for help and with howls coming from the forest he seeks refuge in a nearby abandoned mansion.

The use of strange angles and the mix of a few dull colours in with the primarily black and white palette gives the movie a 1920’s Art Noir feel and the creators have used their artistic licence to really empahses the thrills and chills. It plays on many types of horror, from monsters, stalking, bugs, ghosts and always the unknown!

The beauty in the movie is the ending where the imagery starts to claw its way back from the surreal and begins to enlightenment ideals about the cycle of life and the dark god Anubis begins to play a role in our main characters plight, it’s all quite wonderful.

Apartment 41

Without trying to sound like a bitch, and with all respect to everyone involved, this is terrible.. it’s just not effective, slow paced, tired expressions of horror, a girl in a white dress, because we all sleep in 17th century white dresses and the overuse of bokeh backgrounds goes as far as making the film look blurry rather than stylized.

This is one video on youtube that you can read the comments and get insights, there’s actually some pretty accurate critique on there, hopefully the team will come back stronger… hopefully.

Mr Dentonn

There’s tons of character with this Spanish short which follows a young boy being put to bed by his attentive babysitter. He’s insisted that the nights books is Mr Dentonn which the babysitter soon realsies is probably not a children’s book as it starts to get incredibly graphic, but it might b e too late as it seems the door has been opened for Mr Dentonn to do his worse. The top hatted figure much like Alfred J Hemlock but without the sense of humor, the creepy monster hunt that takes up the second act is similar to Veronica vs Babadook but at times a little more terrifying, but in all the film is brilliant and has a superb ending, from inspiring director Iván Villamel.

Final Offer

This film opens like a chapter to a Rusty Lake game which I have to say, if you haven’t played the games, then you are a total loser and you need to go and rectify that immediately.

This movie is incredibly sophisticated, not just because of the budget involved but the concept of an alien species wanted to use one human to broker a deal to acquire one of our most precious assets. The darkly lit opulent office is a perfect setting for this intense deal and the team added in a special level of humor to cushion the blow. It’s like the opening of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy deal but with actual negotiations. Charming and brilliant all round, well done Henry and Mark Slutsky.


A couple of highschool girls are in detention over fighting and threatening each other with old folklorish monsters, their super unimpressed teacher doesn’t help the situation but as one of the girls has some obvious anger management issues and the other is incredibly sorry.. things start to heat up quickly. The haunting is quite like Mama in a way, and is gorgeous and terrifying.

Derek Franson. Sadly there are still a lot of unanswered questions but the dark and chilly atmosphere and imagery kept me on the edge of my seat, maybe I don’t want to learn more after all..

Mulberry Night

A man returns home alone, and settles in for the night but is he!?!? the film has a constant presence behind the lead actors head, as he potters around his home doing average things, but as viewers a few keen eyes will spot a few things a miss in the background but it’s hard to tell what will happen next as director Mary Atkinson keeps us guessing until the very dark and dramatic ending, which I was not expecting!! A touch of uber in-your-face bloody thirsty violence for a great close out.

My First Day

This is a cute little horror that doesn’t really need an intro as it’s so damned short and cute that you should just get watching and keep your eyes peeled for more work by Jon Kovel.

The Midnight Parasites

Someone seemed to have fallen asleep minutes after staring at a Hieronymous Bosch painting and tripping balls, the end result is this twisted wildlife insight into the depths of hell. I’m not entirely sure if there is supposed to be a narrative as such or if this is purely an experiment but a lot of it would seem less shocking if we were looking at insects or some other species of wild animal but placing human characters in such roles makes it seem more barbaric, which speaks volumes about the perception we have on behaviour. All of this madness is backed by a super synth soundtrack that Jodorowsky would be proud of.

It also gets me thinking on how Bosch himself would probably animate his own characters…

Just Delicious

I’m get all excited when a bad guy gets his ass handed to him and I’m really excited to spoiler this fact about this simple but effective short. You won’t see it coming so don’t panic to much, but a battered wife gets to spend a few moments of luxury to herself but at what expense?

Without many words this descriptive and delightful short tells a massive story, both bitter and sweet.

The Seventh Son (2014)

Director: Sergei Bodrov
Starring: Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes, Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Olivia WIlliams, Djimon Hounsou, Julianne Moore. USA/UK/Russia 1h 42m
Based on The Spook’s Apprentice by Joseph Delaney

In principle the story is ok, I’m pretty sure the better selling novel by Joseph Delaney is worth a read if fantasy is your thing, but in this bizarre adaptation there’s no longer anything particularly outstanding. Which is totally bizarre as it has all the ingredients, great actors, many who have starred in many fantasy movies, a Russian director, and without prejudice some of the most inventive fantasy movies have come from the region, topped with a lavish story, this should have blown many pairs of socks off, but it could barely figure out how to put them on.

Opening at a weird stage in the story, we see a man locking away a screaming woman in a remote hold in a vacant landscape, is alludes to this being the outcome of an epic battle between Mother Malkin (Moore) an evil witch and Gregory (Bridges) a member of a knightly order called the Falcons who dedicate their lives defending mankind from supernatural threats. Continue reading The Seventh Son (2014)