Shorts Roundup June 2 2019

So I managed to catch up with some of my favourite old school animation last week which was awesome I’ve managed to find a few more pieces so watch out for Part 3.


This epic little short starts out pretty mundane and somewhat predictable, but it soon shifts into something pretty extraordinary. A man sees a woman getting attacked in the hallway on his CCTV, but when he goes to investigate he finds himself walking into the attack that he previously saw, there’s a pretty epic moment when gnawing guitars take over the shock and action for a brief moment and the soundtrack is pretty key until the pivotal twist at the end.

Don’t Let Them In

“DEMONS are like obedient dogs; they come when they are called.”

And with an opening like this and the above title it’s not too difficult to see where this movie might go, but 2 minutes in and it’s still rolling credits, which is a bit over the top for a short, some are over by now!

So a married couple are having a mild tiff, over the husbands lack of success with his latest horror books. While in the shower his skittish wife gets a visit from some black eyed children. After this demonic style attack the film centres in on her surviving husband and an in depth interview about his life after the paranormal attack. it’s got an incredibly slow pace and doesn’t really evoke much emotion or fear but it’s a competent film


I sat on this short for a while, in terms of short movies, when they start getting to 20/30 minutes I do generally find that they start to let themselves down, but I messed up here, as this movie could really be a full feature. A retro inspired slasher thriller sees a young outcast teen girl try her best to be one of the cool popular kids only to fail at the skating rink after meeting a “nice guy” that she wants to impress. The film turns into an impressive thriller when the girl returns home to find someone wearing her grandmother’s clothes but things continue to get dark and violent.

I really love the retro atmosphere, the brilliant acting of some cool characters and the story telling it sublime. It just has everything that make a great slasher and psychotic horror. kinda like Carrie meets Psycho.

Be Mine

Valentines day has never been so bloody romantic. this is incredibly short and it’s okay but maybe with a touch more reason it could be really great!

The Birch “The Protector”

A pretty deep story here, a tale of a young school boy who’s dying mother tells him of a protector in the forest, which he seeks out as he’s being brutally beaten by a school bully.

The creature creature and blood effects are pretty awesome, something that would match Guillermo Del Toro in a B Movie kinda way. The directors, Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, also developed The Outer Darkness, which reminds me I need to get to part 2 of their series… so…

The Outer Darkness Part 2

If you need to start with Part 1 then check out the review here

A mini round up is that a group of people seem to be playing some strange supernatural roulette game, and at the end of part 1 we’ve just seen what can happen if a person loses and it’s pretty horrific.

On to Part 2

A father starts to play his version of the twisted game to get his wife back, but he lands on Black.. which isn’t a good sig or is it? the wheel seems to play twisted game with varying logic. But a few more of the characters seems to take form in this segment but the darkness of the story is forever present.

Things are starting to heat up now but the short is becoming a bit of a Monkey’s Paw type of story, but with a creepy conductor.

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