Laid to Rest (2009)

Director: Robert Green Hall.
Starring. Bobbi Sue Luther, Kevin Gage, Sean Whalen, Johnathon Schaech, Thomas Dekker, Nick Principle, Richard Lynch, Lena Headey. USA. 1h 30m.

A woman, only known as “The Girl” wakes up in a coffin with limited memory and bizarre memory loss, she attempts to call 911 for help making as much sense as a troubled 3 years old, when a mortician (Richard Lynch) tries to unlock the door for her, he’s brutally stabbed through the eye, the woman, now even more distraught manages to escape from the maniac with a camera strapped to his shoulder and a chilling chrome mask.

She’s picked up by a trucker called Tucker (Gage) who takes her home to his adoring wife Cindy (Headey) they try to calm the girl down as their family car is now out of petrol but they’re expecting a visitor who will help them get to the police station in the morning, but things don’t quite go to plan. The assailant from the house of rest has followed them and for the rest of the film Chromeskull, a sadistic torture fiend and deadly killer will be hot on their heels.

The pair run into a few interesting characters,firstly Steven whos played by the legendary Sean Whalen, whos cult character is Roach in People Under the Stairs (1991), his presence in this film was the first sign that the movie was saved, he’s a meek computer geek who’s recently lost his mother, but what he doesn’t have in muscle he makes up with a brilliant brain. After Tucker and “The Girl” turn up asking for help he also becomes a target and end up spending the night on the run with them. Chromeskull manages to use his recently deceased relative in order to taunt and scare him.

Chromeskull is pretty much like any other silent stalkerish killer, a indeed blend of Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees, but with that gopro strapped to him so he doesn’t miss a thing, but this gives him a slight Predator appearance!? Ever silent he’s always on track I just quivering screaming prey, like a figurative version of It follows (2014).

The film starts out so bad, mostly due to the appalling acting of leading lady Bobbi Sue Luther, who obviously misinterprets what amnesia is like and just starts acting like a confused child which is really annoying. As the movie progresses it seems that no matter how many seasoned and well-known actors they chuck into the film it all hinges on her, but by the end of a long night of slashing and in a final stand made against Chromeskull in a petrol station, things actually start to fall into place. By this time I actually really started to enjoy the movie. but overall it was too little too late. Robert Green Hall has a huge talent for special effects which is his chosen ground, and while his directing is still in its early stages, he is to be commemorated for not to hanging onto every character which gave the film an unexpected ending, with this love letter to 80s horror slashers that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but with (un)healthy levels of gore and violence it’s certainly something that has a lot of potential for its sequel once some of the issues are ironed out.

Rating 4/10

RLaid to Rest 2 : Chromeskull (2011),
L -A-Z Slashers Vol 1
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