Short movie round up 23 June 2019

The cat came back

I remember watching this as a kid and I found it so disturbing, I think there’s this innate fear that there’s something that you just can’t get rid of or hide from. Now it’s not all that fighting unless you replace the cat with a Xenomoph then you’d probably think about it in a different way. But the animation itself it absolutely brilliant in it’s simplicity and funny nature.

Jack attack

I love Halloween, for the commercial side of things and for the deeper pagan connections, I love everything about it, and I do love to make pumpkin soup and pie so I have carved up quite a lot in my time but now I might think twice about eating the seeds… I really love the effects in this short they are totally gross and disgusting as they should be. It obviously took a lot of time and effort and probably came at quite a cost but it was definitely worth it and hopefully this team will go onto a feature soon. Continue reading Short movie round up 23 June 2019