Short Movie Roundup 30 JUNE 2019

Short Movie Roundup 30 JUNE 2019

I wasn’t going to publish anything this week due to the weekend being so darn busy but I’m going to try and squeeze a couple for my one dedicated fan.. here’s looking at you kid.

The Toothbrush

A short Hmong horror (with subs calm down soy boy) about a man who’s haunted by a child’s toothbrush. Yep you can officially make a horror out of any subject so don’t forget to be adventurous my filmmaking buddies… Yes it’s a comedy and yeah it’s pretty effective for what it is, but I felt the ending was a bit of a let down, why is it always a creepy chick at the end??

Midnight Clear

At first it’s hard to work out what’s going on in between the lines of this short movie, it’s clear to see that it’s not simply a couple allowing their children to open a few christmas presents early but it’s not clear why they are acting so damned odd, but by the time the reveal comes around, it hits like a double whammy and is the perfect ending to a pretty inventive and well played out short.


Not just another social media horror, this one really takes on a creepy physical aspect too, an influencer soon notices a blemish, while he attempts to carry on regardless of the film turns into a psychotropic technicolor nightmare. But while the short is amusing and dark it does highlight the power of being fan driven and self absorbed in the most gruesome way. Not necessarily new but I do like the colourful approach

Playing Doctor – Next patient

A couple of kids playing doctor.. what could go wrong? This film seems to be on par with My First Day these two would make the most amazing couple when they grow up.. I know me and @OverlordViper would be proud if our kids grew up like this!

Haunt Me

I really enjoyed this short, a young girl is doing all she can to see a ghost, from buying things at yard sales from the deceased and conjuring up spirits to staying in a haunted hotel, most people don’t aim to do such things but it’s her family tradition and she!into the unknown with gusto. But as with a lot of these horror shorts, there’s a catch…

And for anyone who’s been paying attention. here’s the final part of the Outer Darkness…

So a group of people are playing a sick game of chance with a mysterious monster, the stake is generally your life but the price is everything you can wish for.

It seems to be a bit of a push breaking this up into 3 parts but “The Outer Darkness” directed by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton is one of the better funded and creative horrors with a touch of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser and a lot of heart and superb film making skills. Not only are the creature effects really detailed and perfect for the style of movie, the brilliant camera work and cinematography is also accurately sensitive to the matter. This is a great conclusion and a great beginning…. I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

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