Short Movie Roundup 07 JULY 2019


This is an accomplished short but there’s just a little something missing, I’m not sure if it’s the acting or the slightly disconnected storyline but it just needs some attention. Either way it’s an ok Sorority story, of a young woman with supposedly amazing hair, but after a terrible fire is transformed into a deranged serial killer.. The special effects are pretty awesome but I feel a bit more character development and more in depth expansion for the later part of the movie would really help the film along.

Mira Mira

This short is creepy as fuck, I really love the creature effects and it just works so much better than any CGi would. it touches on some of the work done in Yami Shibai, Evil Dead and a touch of Creepypasta. A girl gets duped into another world through a mirror by a malevolent entity, but the creature is perfectly odd and creepy in it’s jerky movements and evil demeanor, it’s a full on horror fuckfest.. definitely a highlight from directors, Ivan Sunguroff and Drew Bierut.


A couple are at loggerheads over horror movies and while shes a fan and he isn’t claiming that nothing much seems to scare him cos strange things start to happen in their apartment. It uses crazy camera angles and dynamic lighting to emphasize tension and horror. But then every horror trick in the book gets played out to an almost annoying fashion but every type of fear is there, but it just about keeps it’s head above the boredom level as Marc Cartwright keeps reinventing the plot as the movie emerges into all of the tropes that the characters were arguing about at the beginning.


A curious horror from Hugh Sweeney, it follows a woman awaiting her boyfriends arrival, while alone in their apartment she’s subject to a terrible nightmare and after watching a news report about a series of couples found bludgeoned to death she starts to panic when she gets sinister phone calls from a private number.

It’s quite a slow brooding horror that’s obsessed with the idea of something nasty being under the bed, but it’s nothing amazing different from any other stalker style short but Hugh has a number of other horrors and extensive movies about cameras so check out his channel.


one of the scariest aspects of any urban legend or horror is based on those things which we can only see in our peripheral vision and this short movie plays on this heavily, hence the name but it’s done in a fairly intelligent way but i feel it kinda let itself down by rushing the end and personally I’d like to see this expanded as the camera work and idea is pretty awesome. Alyssa & Griffin Divine will definitely go far if they keep up and expand this style of horror filming, maybe the would reinvent some SCP’s.

The Armoire

A fresh off the bus immigrant is setting up home in LA, she can just about make the rent so takes in a piece of second hand furniture with a past and it starts to make her home life hell. There are a few moments in this where the girl is running from “nothing” which I think is a nod to some of the amazing craftsmanship of Evil Dead, where you don’t have to see the monster to feel the fear.. But the reveal and conclusion to this horror is pretty awesome and oh so very real. Please tell me Evan Cooper is making something new, I really like he’s no prisoners (or survivors) approach to horror.

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