Short Movie Roundup 14 JULY 2019

Shocking Video

Cute little social media based movie claiming to have one of those “SHOCKING VIDEOS” that you have to share to receive.. But the movie is more than shocking it’s deadly. The film has some great gore effects but doesn’t do a whole lot in the way of frightening it’s audience. Still better than unfriended though..

A Tap at the window

This is definitely a short which has its ups and downs but could easily be made into more of a feature. A woman begins to hear a tap at the window and soon realises the dark nature of its origin but once the whole movie unwinds this idea of otherworldly goings on, I reckon there’s scope here for revenge or resurrection. It’s tight on acting (there is a making of video too) but could try and be a bit more direct with filming. overall it’s pretty entertaining.

The Little Mermaid

I’m in love with the atmosphere of this short, a back water carnival in the bayou. A set of visitors are both astounded and disgusted by a real life mermaid, who’s sideshow isn’t really the limelight she bargained for. Held against her will by a penny pinching ringmaster who ignores her cries for compassion. A true magical movie from Nicholas Humphries, with a bitter ending, superb creature effects and the perfect setting. Speaking fathoms about slavery and sexism just under the surface of a well paced beautifu short.

When Susurrus Stirs (UNCENSORED)

I do love it when a short film says UNCENSORED, it gives me hope for extra gore and possibly some side boob. A gentle overtone narrates the movie, which is enhanced by stop motion and all sorts of graphics, the story details a man with a very unique infection, one he’s learnt to bond with, more mentally than physically as a giant worm starts to mutate him. Originally on the pursuit to find luxury and meaning to his mundane life he gets a raw bargain. Definitely one for all those body horror fans who worship Cronenberg. anything to feed the new cycle and long live the new flesh via the warped imagination of Mr Anthony Cousins, and  based on the short story of the same name from the book Entropy in Blook, by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Sadly no sideboob but a bit of strangling fly infected cock.. whoopie!


In the bloody heart of the French & Indian War, survivors must join forces to fight an untimely undead plague. The film is pretty entertaining and very well cast and acted. Daniel Byers obviously had a bit more budget and resources to work with but he’s certainly put them to good use. The film plays out like a period 28 Days later, Night of the dead, with a twang of Brotherhood of the Wolf and the action scenes are brilliant.

I must admit that I was over zombies a long time ago, they used to be scary and then they got inventive but with a scene so highly flooded with zombie movies they got quite ridiculous, it’s so rare to find a semi decent film in a sea of muck.

This has a lot of heart and a dash of imagination sadly after all the awesomeness it has a bit of a predictable ending but a very good short movie with promise.

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