Short Movie Roundup 21 JULY 2019

Die! Sitter! Die! Rupert

This is the kinda movie I need to see more of, a brilliant short directed by Sam and Lee Boxleitner, Alison thinks she’s in for an easy night of babysitting but things get deranged when she realises the “baby” she’s looking after isn’t exactly what she has in mind. The film turns into a grotesque horror experience when Rupert is revealed and demands nappy changing and feeding or a sick game of hide and seek shall be played, where he finds Alice and buries her where no one can find her. between the blood, shite and gore, there’s a pretty imaginative horror, one that can easily knock a lot of full sized hollywood films off their top spots! I love the Rupert charcter a touch of Private Pile from Full Metal Jacket (at the end of the movie) and a lot of WTF going on here.

This is part of a series called Die! Sitter! Die! so I shall be seeking out more of these during my round ups.

Video Selfie

14 Second horror movie challenge, does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a 14 second horror movie about a man taking a perfect selfie! it’s odd to find a shot with a decent jump scare that’s only a fraction longer than the YouTube adverts that precede it.


A young girl, Lucy can hear scratching in her roof, despite her family putting poison up there, a scuttling noise is still emanating, after some egging on from her brother Sam, she ventures up into the loft she finds an old style porcelain doll packed with pages from the bible and an ancient wooden cross, her and her brother destroy the artifacts and keep the doll but then start noticing strange bumps in the night. It’s not a new story, it’s a cross between Annabelle and strangely E Demon (check out the review) there’s not a lot to write home about until the very end of this chapter, when the team eventually delivered some great effects when Sam is possessed by the doll, the film then cuts to a new chapter of this haunted doll saga but hopefully it won’t be as boring and nonsensical as this.

The comments in this video are great, I don’t usually read them but right there at the top, WHY BURN THE CROSS AND BIBLE INSTEAD OF THE DOLL! fuck, why keep the doll anyway!?

Troubled Youth – Stalking Sheep

A bit low brow but a cute short movie, a school is being terrorised by a vicious monster and while one cheerleader tries to hide, her cries for help are rejected by a group hiding in a locked cupboard.. but appearances aren’t what they seem. The ending of this movie has some great character acting and a super costume. There’s a slight air of Ginger Snaps in it too. the downtrodden rising up and a vicious monster lurking the halls of a highschool!?! what do you think?


I am sure to high hell that I had reviewed this movie before, I know i’ve seen it a few times, A man wakes up in the night with strange dreams and visions of a pale woman with dark eyes, he’s over heated and goes for a drink, after scalding his radiators for not playing ball, but everything in the kitchen is rotten and spoilt. Back in the bedroom everything is going on, a crying figure in the bed, a ghostly woman in the corner and the pale bald dark eyed figure is skulking in the shadows behind the door.

It’s got a strange feeling about it, not quite like the average horror, its paced like any drama, the dark lighting doesn’t even add to the fear factor because the characters just don’t react as you’d expect to what’s going on..

The director Christopher Wells does use a touch of artistic licence for this purgatory based story, but it just doesn’t feel right to me. Who argues with a ghost??

Cakeman – Birthday Wish

A spoilt little brat is enjoying the soils of the day of her birthday, eating cake late into the evening, her mother notices one more present, it’s empty.. but later on she discovers the Cake Man is inside. A lovely horror character who has a taste for fingers. This short has some great scary clown imagery but personally I feel it could do with a touch more story writing, but still it’s okay for a short horror.


This is definitely one of the more accomplished shorts, directed by Steve Desmond, it follows Jann who lives in an underground bunker with her family, being the youngest she’s not allowed to leave the bunker but her family head out daily to scavenge supplies in a world ravaged by deadly monsters. Slowly Jenn becomes determined to leave the bunker to face these monsters herself. The film takes a sudden turn but pretty soon once we believe there are no monsters, we find out what really defines the word. A great horror with much potential of a dystopian future either which way you read it.

There’s some great acting and brilliant cinematography in this little short with a daunting message.

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