Short Movie Roundup 28 JULY 2019


This is definitely a monster story unlike many others. A man’s peaceful existence in the woods is disrupted when three dangerous who lay siege to his cabin, but who exactly is in danger is always in question.

A really lovely series of cinematic shots helps complete this gritty drama, a feast for the eyes and imagination. Strangely dark and satisfying at the same time with slight lose connections to It comes at night in it’s damning tone and atmosphere but there is a monster here so it’s an added bonus.

The Binding Box

This short movie see’s a gift turn from a pleasure into a nightmare. A girl skins up and then finds a box on her doorstep inside is a jack in a box with a crudely crafted folk like doll, pretty soon the shop of opening the opening the box is the least of her worries, when the film switches to the view of an unknown entity watching her play with her new toy.

There’s a full on atmosphere which really closes in on the viewer as this story continues to wind tiger and gets scarier in Ramsey Attia’s quirky short.

Scary Thoughts

I’m back to Hugh Sweeney’s page again, I think I only have one or two more to go through, I hope you enjoy my slow revelation of his videos.

A man is practicing his lines on skype late at night when his friend starts fucking with him online, saying there’s a woman in his apartment behind him, while watching Bullit strange lights start flickering in his hallway… and then things get weird.The movie, even with it’s short running time jumps back and fro through the timeline adding in those what the fuck moments and jumpscares. Hugh really doesn’t fuck around and has such a brilliant way with horror.

Is that you?

A stunning movie which a brilliant retro horror style into, with the boom in synthesizer intro and stylized graphics. The film cuts to Halloween night and takes on a lot from the best Halloween movies around definite nods to Wes Craven and possibly Rob Zombie. An injured girl is spending Halloween in her bedroom, while her mom pisses off Trick or Treaters, they being to egg the house, but the most creepiest visitor is yet to come.

It’s a shame the movie didn’t keep it’s taught atmosphere AND the retro effects, much like a lot of supposedly vintage inspired horrors it drops the look straight after the credits. There’s a great TV show on with a lame halloween host, which reminded me of the show in House of 1000 Corpses but the rest of the movie relies too much on Jump Scares than genuine horror but it’s still fairly enjoyable.


The Widower – Target Practice

Ramsey Attia;s short movie opens with zombies, so there’s no real surprises as to what’s going to happen in the woods today.

A stray arrow goes amiss when a “city boy” misses his shot but heading out to save a potentially wounded victim the group chances onto a zombie woman and her lover??

It’s not the first time Zombie relationships have made it onto the big screen, I’m sure everyone remembers the bizarre carnal relationships in Braindead!?

There are some good effects, ok acting and a semi decent plot which kinda makes zombies that touch more human again?

The Halls

Stay out of the hall is the warning on this short from Xan Studios, where a man find himself locked out of his apartment, but the distant yelling and screaming soon has him desperately trying to escape.

The acting and cuts and music in this movie make it absolutely terrifying and this is definitely channel to keep up with. I for one will be back. For such a short movie it’s amazing how much it really fits in.

Undress Me

Who really wants to be a teenager again? you’ve got 7 years of parties, homework, and being live bait for serial killers.. A girl attends at house party and finds it hard to start a conversation until a random guy strikes one up with her, and after a clumsy attempt to seduce him she makes the request .. “Undress Me”

The morning after their night of passion the girl starts to notice a few . peculiarities with her body, much in the same vein as Thanatomorphose or it’s cheap copy Contracted and the epic Raw, there’s something dark and gory going on here but what?

The practical effects are pretty top notch for this little film with big ideas, and I feel there’s enough here for a full length something and Amelia Moses has quite a disturbing vision that needs to come out. But I feel the story would benefit from a more elaboration otherwise it’s just confusing.

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