Short Movie Roundup 04 AUGUST 2019

Short Movie Roundup 04 AUGUST 2019


In the intro of this quaint little short, Len LoBiondo displays great use of light and knowledgeable camerawork, can really set a superb and professional atmosphere. but for most of the movie only boring drama shit happens, But when things do heat up.. oh boy what a rush!

So a man vanishes while messing about in his shed, a year later his children are struggling to get over his loss and are determined not to end up the same way as their father. But while they say his work as the rambling of an old man who’s possibly lost his grip it turns out that he was onto something. One fateful night whatever took him returns for the kids.

Now while it’s hard to say much without giving it away the ending is like Signs but X10 better..


A sullen opening sees an abandoned run down house with kids throwing eggs and bricks at the window’s but if you look a little closer it’s not all that abandoned… This incredibly terrifying short is really a mini anthology by Santiago Menghini, that seems two curious entities haunt a home, and get mingled in the private lives of a young boy and inspector.

Cutting to a more modern setting a young man is peeping at his neighbours getting strangled, the purportator dashes over to say hi. the following scene is utterly terrifying playing on our perceptions of size and mass, making the viewer feel like a child and a big scary monster is coming after them.

This is cruel and dark and inventive, something akin to the twisting realities in the Spannish hit Aterrados.


A young woman returns home to the smell of rotting eggs and her friend passed out on the soft, the sick woman describes a dark fantasy but they attempt to find a level of normality until a dark putrid mess starts to wriggle in the bathroom bin.. nothing is okay anymore.

This film by Jeff Brown is definitely the beginning of something awesome which plays on so many fears and could easily go in so many directions. please make this into something more.


A drunken girl returns home, in a drunken mess she keeps on drinking but is determined to have a bath, which is probably not the best idea as she has a fresh tattoo Mother of Monsters, it looks impressive but after sinking into the bath and dropping off she does indeep mother her own monster..

It’s a cute short is like a creature feature of Tattoo, it spends a lot of time showing off this drunken girl but not really explaining itself, but it’s still worth a watch but could have displayed more depth

Mr Eckles

Finding creepy pictures of the inside of your home, inside you home from an unknown assailant is pretty scary, but when that fucker had a bag on his head, you’d better be ready to fight for your life.

It’s interesting, not all that new or miraculous but filmed so well it really steps up the tension than some of the other shorts based on this idea.

American Hell

On the first watch I didn’t quite enjoy this movie so much, from the crazy mind of Robert Bryce Milburn, the film stars Hannah Fierman, who’s as fierce as in any of her other roles. The film is more of a statement of today’s society but for some it might be lost in the violence, but its’ poignant, this family are harassed and no one tries to help them. this is what makes it horrifying as opposed to the battered bodies and blood.

Special Day

damn this film!! it starts out so charming and ends up so fucking scary! A young girl settles down to celebrate her 18th birthday but her family has a dark secret from her, it turns out that there is an heirloom they have to pass down to her.. the secret of their success. I personaly don’t understand how it makes them successful but my god if I saw this when I was 17 I would have nightmares wondering if this was coming my way… who the fuck wants an old friend with that face…

This film is totally golden!! but those Sentinels.. Mr Teal Greyhavens you are seriously fucked up, well done.

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