Short Movie Roundup 11 AUGUST 2019


I was impressed right off the bat with this one, opening with Puccini is just a lick of class, backed up with some sensitive cinematography and moody lighting I’m seeing a lot of potential in Maarten Groen short about a man named Salvatore who’s living out his last days in a Dutch nursing home.

His useless nurse pushes him over the edge and Salvatore breaks his promise to god, just one last time.There’s a beautiful scene played out to Un balloons in maschera.. with scenes slightly reminiscent of Death Bed: the Bed that Eats and finally ends with Casta Diva, which after this ordeal I think Salvarote won’t be unhappy with his nurse ever again..


Haunted House in Galway City

The last item from Hugh Sweeney’s horror list is this found footage style movie, which shows the director going through a real haunted house and how it all plays into his work, it’s brilliantly edited and a pretty amazing little piece which starts to show where he gets his brilliant ideas from, now I’m not surprised about why his films are so intense.


A woman is trying to quit smoking through hypnosis which only cases her great anxiety when she’s asked to pick up a vintage phone and is “attacked” by a weird ass ghoul, one getting home she does her best to throw away all her cigarettes but in the middle of the night she lights up a cigarette out of desperation and a vintage phone appears and begins to ring….

The film is lit like a Giallo, but the stalker is more like a life size version of Blade 0 X From Puppet Master but it’s pretty psychotronic with zany colours and faces being projected onto faces when the film breaks out of reality into a Twilight Zone world of the subconscious.


Just when you needed another excuse to not brush before bed.. meet Chompers.. the best reason to get falsies.

Harry Dorights Prelude to Hell

A simple family meal for a father’s birthday turns into a nightmare when an uninvited guest turns up asking for some souls. It’s quite an interesting short with some brilliant practical effects and a pretty deep storyline, I love the demonic entity, a blend of something from most 80’s horror movies including Evil Dead and Phantasm. But the extra special aspect is that the souls are presented as eggs, something that only really gets touched on in Angelheart, Louis Cipher would be so proud, he’d actually be super impressed with lots of the other Angel Heart references..

Erwin van den Eshof has really created something magnificent with his brief glance into the realms of hell. What other delights can he show us!?!?

The Mime

What would you do if you met a strange figure in an underpass who copied your every move? well much like the creepy underpass scene in Eye 10 with the umbrella you really don’t know what to expect in this terrifying little short which is easy to laugh off at first but gets darker bloodier as it progresses.

it doesn’t use a lot of special effects or tech but it’s a solid story with a lot of potential.

Kingerfanger – The Piper’s Song

A deaf girl is out in search for a boy named Max, when she hears a faint haunting tune, putting in her hearing aid she follows the noise to a strange realm where the children are being held in the mystic grasp of a skeletal piper who’s more reminiscent of a Beksinski painting than the typical fairytale Pied Piper, A stunning short movie with some intelligently used effect and a very unexpected ending.


The popular girl gets some sweet scary justice in this horror that doesn’t take any time to explain itself before it gets into stalker creepiness.

I respect it’s approach, but i felt that there was a bit of storytelling that was just skipped or avoided for some reason but alas I did enjoy the ambiguity.

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