Short Movie Roundup 25 August 2019

La Peste / The Plague

This deep and mystifying short film by Guillermo Carbonell has some beautiful cinematography and churns up a lot of emotional and horror conflicts. A young woman awakes to find her elderly father in her apartment, the man seems to be suffering from Alzheimers or a similar condition but when she tries to call for help, her door is kicked in and a SWAT team that, literally run over her in an attempt to kill her somewhat disabled father but why? What could possibly be going on. The terrible conclusion is pretty horrific in this stylized horror that should easily make a full length feature and Carbonell is definitely one to look out for.

Trunk Space

A couple of women on a road trip through the desert pick up a handsome hitchhiker, what could possibly go wrong? Max Silver certainly has a talent for building characters and a wonderfully tense story. As it builds it really does pull the audience into a certain direction before snapping back into a totally different story, which is a key to a great horror story.


I’ve watched this a handful of times, and I’m happy to watch it again for the review, I can’t say that I fully absorbed the concept on the first watch I was literally blindsided by the intense visuals and amazing soundtrack devised by Flying Lotus. Eddie Alcazar has an interesting abstract talent on display in his black and white calamity. From what i can gather a girl finds pure acceptance with herself but after a while even this form of love turns to disgust when she rejects herself and struggles with ideas of gender and her own nature, thus destroying one half of her or a previous side of her which spawns a rebirthing.. but what do you make of it?

If you enjoyed this then Eddie has something else in the pipeline, a project called Perfect…

Light My Fire

Don’t get angry Im doing a drama short here, nothing horrific to be seen, so move along if it’s not your thing. A father discovered his daughters bruises are caused by a young boy that the family know, so he heads out in a crazed rush with a baseball bat and speeds over to lay down some pain, but after talking with the boys dad, the movie takes a quirky turn, there’s an epic scene with the boys parents and barking dogs that really emphasises the intended violence. The conclusion is a sombre one that makes us realise making rash decisions in the heat of the moment isn’t the best for anyone.

Night Land

A couple drove into a massive cloud, it looks like it’s on a biblical end of the world scale, the utter darkness that surrounds them is totally frightening, but Jake doesn’t find it too scary as he pranks around, not heeding the warnings of his pregnant girlfriend. The ending of Christians Burnett’s short horror didn’t just leave me fearing the dark again but it has a really deeply depressing ending of a love affair that’s wrongfully over.

Chilling and deep…

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