Skare (2007)

Director: Michael J. Murphy.
Starring. Judith Holding, Bruce Lawrence, Warren May, Trudi Tyrrell. UK. 1h m.

For a moment you’ll have to forgive me for being a lover of movie trash, if this is the first review you’ve read from my blog then this may come across as misleading in some way, I so adore cinema, but in all its facets, but I have a soft spot for small budget movies that have a lot of heart and effort, but while I can’t put my finger on why I can easily say that I really enjoyed watching this movie despite it’s faults, but respectfully it doesn’t get above its station.

The story is both simple but is presented in a totally complicated manner, possibly as an attempt to add intrigue, in the modern day an escaped mental patent is rescued by a country club MILF, but the backstory touches on the infamous Witch trials where a woman is accused of murder and burnt at the stake, which isn’t something too dissimilar to some of the classic Hammer Horror plots, but at times the connection is weak.

After being rescued a young fit potential psychopath Dan (May), is soon groomed by the lusty MILF, Martha (Holding), and is fed a strange concussion of milk and herbs, possible nod to Rosemary’s Baby (968). He’s hidden from local law enforcement and put to work around the mill house to earn his keep and on the sly to keep his trim figure for other erotic needs.

Dan and the MILF (my title for her) is just fun to watch as he presents her lines as if part of some free porno and the film continues in this style for quite a while before the real killing spree gets underway. The MILF nurtures and tortures the boy, while laying a bit of fancy out for the local police officer who just seems to wander the local woods and eat meat pies all the time, eventually a few additional characters are introduced, a hard man called Steve or something who’s blackmailing MILF queen, and a lovely hotel manager who everyone bit on the side. All throughout there are flashes of skulls with worms in the eyes and graves, as if someone cute out segments from a 70’s horror movie and spliced them in amongst the cannibalism, witchcraft, lesbian romping, murder and insanity, at every scene we have a new plot twist, until I don’t think anyone really knows what’ really going on or how this is all connected back to the witch trails but it’s an opportunity to show some charred bodies. It sounds like it’s the perfect set up of any psychedelic horror of psychotropic adventure but all this summers under the under powered drama, but it has a certain character, albeit a bit horrific and slutty with an ending which would sit proud among the Tartan Asian Extreme horrors.

I understand that a lot of people are not going to appreciate this the same as me but it is what it is, a very different but pleasant plate of tea time horror with some gritty relish! and I’ve watched it a few times now, I’m obviously a sadist.

Rating 5/10

RMoonchild (1989), Beast (2009)
L – Witch Trail Movies, B Movie Britain

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