Blood Freak (1972)

Director: Brad F Grinter and Steve Hawkes
Starring . Steve Hawkes, Dana Cullivan, Randy Grinter, Heather Hughes. USA. 1h 26m

This film is often classed as one of the worst of the worst and while it’s cringey as hell I do to try and take a film serious, even if it’s about a bloodthirsty killer turkey man hybrid… At some point during horror history nearly every animal, creature insect and persona has had their own killer version so it had to be done at some point although unfortunately for the turkeys it’s just resulted in one giant Turkey of a movie. But playing Devil’s Advocate I would have to say that there is an interesting back story and concept of the film unfortunately it was just executed so badly, but I don’t hate it.

The movie opens with a biker helping out a woman on the highway it turns out the swimming is a god-fearing Christian who invites him back to her place where she shares with her sister unfortunately has sister it is one of the no smoking hippie chicks from the 70s and the tooth start fighting over this tall dark handsome biker obviously with any good horror film everybody makes the worst choices and he ends up with the druggy sister.

The rest of the film sees the Eddy Munster and Elvis love child struggle with his dependency and with the strange science fiction mixed set of an experimental turkey dinner going wrong with then confronted with a whole new beast, a Giant Turkey headed beefcake the man who is obsessed with blood.

A la blood freak!

The film does quite well up until the man/turkey monster pops up, but until then this film is fairly quirky, the dialogue is trippy as you’d expect with this swinging scene but the filming and sound quality is just generally quite shoddy, which is something you’d expect from this era of B Movie, but if it’s your thing, like me you’ll find it quite easy to look past this and try and find out more about the film. the whole idea of the science fiction being spliced into it it’s quite interesting, usually that was safe for superheroes in this area. the only thing that is really hard to look past is just the fact that the monster is literally the main actor walking around with a random bird head and it doesn’t even seem to be from the right bird!?

So once we’ve got pass the introductions and the creation of this monster we are left with some fairly formulaic kill scenes,it seems to sort of happened in one big thrill kill and it’s literally one after the other. They all involve somebody random meeting was monster in the dark, then one same scream is repeated until he finishes his killing and throat slitting and then he drinks the blood it’s kind of a vampire turkeys setup I suppose, and is possibly some attempt to speak to the audience about animal slaughter.

The whole idea of drugs changing people into monsters is obviously quite interesting, taking from some of the older hammer horror or classic stories, like the Invisible Man or Jekyll and Hyde etcetera but having this mad Psychotropic world around a blood thirsty turkey it is what really keeps the film alive for me, and somewhere underneath the blood and feathers there is just a little tiny bit of a sentimental romantic story as well.

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Rating 3/10

R: Flesh Feast (1970)
L: 1970’s B Movie Horrors

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