Short Movie Roundup 1st September 2019

Short Movie Roundup 1st September 2019

A Perfect Turn

A short drama piece about a child’s will to do what they want rather than struggle to live up to their parents’ high expectations, which can easily be translated as the will of anyone who wants to do their own thing against the pressures of modern adult life really. It’s cute and eventually gets to the point, but with some great acting and spot on cinematography.

The Box

A totally vibrant CGI short movie which sees a group of unknown being that exist in a box get by each say in a timeless sleep, until one of the youngsters being to make a total pain of himself, often singing and keeping the others awake with his antics, until they let out a group howl which changes their lives forever. Dusan Kastelic has created a brilliant poetic piece for those who strive to be different and break free. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 1st September 2019