Short Movie Roundup 1st September 2019

Short Movie Roundup 1st September 2019

A Perfect Turn

A short drama piece about a child’s will to do what they want rather than struggle to live up to their parents’ high expectations, which can easily be translated as the will of anyone who wants to do their own thing against the pressures of modern adult life really. It’s cute and eventually gets to the point, but with some great acting and spot on cinematography.

The Box

A totally vibrant CGI short movie which sees a group of unknown being that exist in a box get by each say in a timeless sleep, until one of the youngsters being to make a total pain of himself, often singing and keeping the others awake with his antics, until they let out a group howl which changes their lives forever. Dusan Kastelic has created a brilliant poetic piece for those who strive to be different and break free.

As Human As Animal

Diamond Dallas Page starts in this bizarre piece from Kristina Klebe. A short silent movie that speaks volumes about murder and loss. It’s quite an interesting piece with a vibrant dark atmosphere, something like a Silent Hill origin story, totally insane and well done to see Diamond Dallas Page to take on this strange project.

Death Metal

A comedy short with a slight Mullet man feel to it. A young metal head sets up to play in the park, but his playing sucks and out of anger of being mocked he goes to his metal dad for help, it turns out there is a family heirloom which an ancient relative got straight from satan himself but before he can hear the rules he runs off to play the park again with disastrous consequences. It’s a bit of gory fun and i love it



This movie isn’t terribly complex on the surface but it’s a pleasure to see everything play out. An art curator has a secret and very personal art project which ties in with the exhibition artwork of and up and coming artist, the two bond over a mutual love but with all horror movies there’s a twist. Even though the twist isn’t a surprise, it’s such a beautiful movie to watch it is half the pleasure.

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