Chromeskull : Laid to Rest 2 (2011)

Director: Robert Green Hall.
Starring. Nick Principle, Mimi Michaels, Danielle Harris, Owain Yeoman, Thomas Dekker, Brian Suatin Green. USA. 1h 33m.

After the pretty dismal and tiresome start to Laid to Rest (2009), the film eventually grew on me, slowly creeping up like a Carolina Reaper, to deliver some pretty amazing b movie results. As an introduction to Chromeskull, a lone slasher type figure who kills and tortures for his own amusement, it stands as a very good set up for a series of movies. Unfortunately all the good was rapidly undone but an abysmal sequel.

Chromeskull does a great job of picking up right where the first movie finished, the survivors ride off into the distance but the game changer is that Chromeskull isn’t a deranged lone ranger like we were led to believe, he has a clean up crew, a highly strung apprentice and a personal assistant back in his “base of operations” it seems as if the attempt to explain the clean up process for the chilling Chromeskull actually makes the movie less plausible and for me ruined the mystery.

There’s a disappointing twist of events in the early throes of the movie which sees one of the survivors being cast aside right at the pivotal moment when I assumed they were going to battle Chromey for a second time, but don’t stress, there’s a new set of young people to kill. but poor Chromeskull has a few boo boos and lets his entourage set things up for him while he recuperates in his high tech lair. *rolls eyes* he keeps in touch with his henchmen via his dated phone, the whole aspect of him using retro gear should really be expanded as the industrial feel is brilliant with this mysterious madman. it’s kinda cute of him to be sending out angsty text messages but why is he hooked on the 90’s?

While the nuts and bolts are being exasperated the new teen targets are set up but once Chromeskull is loose, the film finally has something to boast about and it’s the array of brutal and blood kills which are great, but everything else is a let down and it doesn’t feel like a decent continuation but a lot can be improved in the next sequel, I hope there is one because this series deserve a chance to redeem itself.

Rating 4/10

RLaid to Rest (2009)
L – Silly Sequels
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