Short Movie Roundup 15th September 2019

Sorry girls and ghouls, I didn’t publish a list last week but I’m sure you found something to keep you occupied. I promise i didn’t play the deep cultish and religious feel of today’s list, it just worked out that way.


Opening with a time old poem about a man who wasn’t there and following up with some old times americana music the film seems to have a theme but not one of suicide… needless to say after a suicide the movie kicks off with a night security guard who encounters a waster hipster couple and ignoring Rhondas note “Don’t Go Downstairs” you know what he’s gonna do right?

Lee Boxleitner and his sibling Sam have created quite an accomplished short movie, not only with great acting but a sensible pace and atmosphere is achieved as the foolhardy officer steps into the world of dark curiosity and brings a touch of black comedy to an otherwise dark horror story.

Toying with a range of monsters that lurk in the dark, our guard seems to find himself trapped in the most haunted basement in America and it’s great watching him lose his shit at every turn.

Gods Kingdom

I am highly impressed by Guy Soulsby‘s little movie despite it’s meager beginning it has a huge biblical ending but all done with a very astute talent. A man is travelling rough with a young girl, there’s obviously something odd about their hike through the English countryside, and the secret society tracking them seem to have extra special powers.

There are a few familiar faces who pop up within this short movie, I live in hope that it grows into a longer feature and these characters follow on. I really adore when dark scriptures play a part in my thrillers and so much happens in this compact movie, there really is no fucking around.

If his trailer for Devil Makes Work is anything to go by, I think I might have to keep a close eye on Guy as his dark religious touch is going to taint all of his excellent work


Devil Makes Work

Looking at what I found, from the opening this is everything that I love about moving pictures, the film has a feeling like a moving series of Joel-Peter Witkins photos.

This has much more in the way of special effects then his previous piece but they are both executed just as well, each scene tells a small segment in the path to heaven and hell, all equally dark and relatively disturbing though. Scattered with demonic deformities, candles, flames and pints of blood, it’s a deeply emotive and charming little tale of art and poetry.

I indeed need more..


A young black woman seems plagued by a series of haunting scenes as she follows a path of terrifying notes left around her town, after quitting her job in a place that seems to be run by a cult whose symbol is two triangles..

The movie plays out like some Silent Hill backstory that landslides with a Jordan Peele screenplay. A deep movie that deals with race and magic, it’s moving and curious but isn’t complete in any sense, I get the open ending but there’s too much of it, hopefully Ciara Boniface can work on finalising this tempting start to a potential amazing story.

Call Centre

Call Center

This tiny short movie follows a telemarketing group as they try to cut an infomercial but secretly it really illustrates boredom in the workplace. It’s a great introspective movie despite it’s date it’s quite relatable.

The Girl Who Danced with the Devil

The Girl Who Danced With The Devil

Wow this was a slow burner from João Paulo Miranda Maria, where a young girl from a highly religious family takes off one night to find her own paradise, I’m sure there’s something i’m missing but I get the jist of what/who the devil is and if you manage to watch this short, don’t give up on it, the turn around at the end is worth every second of the long drawn out scenes… trust me, so explosive!!

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