Boar (2017)

Director: Chris Sun.
Starring. Bill Moseley, Nathan Jones, John Jarratt, Simone Buchanan, Melissa Tkautz. Australia. 1h 35m.

With all of the cult success of Razorback you’d think that a future giant killer pig movie would try to work on that cult goodness and up the ante, but for so many reasons Boar kept trying to deliver but for me it stumbled and fell flat in the mud.

There are two intermingling storylines, one surrounds an Australian family, with a new American patriarch, Bruce (Moseley) who’s pretty iconic when it comes to the horror scene but sadly he’s really out of place and underused in terrible way, people really should be arrested and jailed for this kind of neglect. The family is on vacation and are aiming to camp out and meet family, kicking back and having a good time. Meanwhile an eagle eyed wisen old man of the land Ken (Jarratt) is looking to kick back with some beers and a friend when he notices something strange and head out in the night to investigate. After this laborious introduction the movie fails to pick up the pace but it does try to delight it’s audience with a few blood thirsty killings and they are pretty mediocre.

One of the sad factors of the film is that Pigzilla doesn’t have any background, and just appears, like a massive creature generally does in less well thought through plots. The pig has this crazy predator stylised vision thing, so you can be a beast as he stalks his prey. The blood and gore is pretty effective and as with all man vs beast films there is an air of malevolent intelligence as the Pigfoot can be seen torturing people and baiting them.

At some point the following day the family meet up with Bernie (Jones) the burling hulk is surely to be the savior of the day or is he? After watching him enthusiastically rapping to Vanilla Ice I just know how I feel anymore, in all seriousness, it’s actually the injection of fun the movie needed cos it’s about to get even more lame.. In the scattered events there seems to be a fluctuation between day and night but I did really enjoy the fact that this creature was seen during the day, usually this style of creature feature is all done at night but Bruce does run into the mutant beast and pursues it with an almost childlike curiosity leading up to the most dramatic and impressive (CGI) death seen in the entire movie, the family are then stalked by Pigator, as it picks them off here and there and the routine gets a bit boring before the penultimate ending.

There’s a touch of humor to lighten the load of a non eventful horror, Bill Moseley adds in a bit of southern humor, offering to eat the crotch out of a duck but his style just clashed with everyone in the movie which kinda worked as he was the only outsider. I think without a solid story behind it, the film just becomes a series of events, without much drive, something to pass the time but nothing memorable.

Rating 3/10

RRazorback (1984), Pig Hunt (2008), Prey (2010), EvilSpeak (1981), Black Sheep (2006),
L – Hog Horror, Australian Horror Flicks,
5s – Bill Mosley

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