Deadfall (2012)

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky.
Starring. Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnam, Kate Mara, Treat Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Sissy Spacek. USA/Canada. 1h 35m.

Children change everything, but asshole parents and terrible family relations are the driving force of this strange thriller. Everything about the opening suggests that this is going to be a cold heartless chase to the death, that can only get grittier and more dangerous but each step of the way but each step towards this badass edge is followed by some daddy issue drama until family relations eventually kills the fun completely.

Eric Bana plays Addison a wild eye psychopath on a mission to get across the border to Canada, his beloved sister is making a similar route but the choice to split up is a necessity and for her protection. Despite his quick trigger finger Addison does have a strange moral compass which does sometimes sway in favour of protecting women but this soft approach doesn’t reduce his kill count by much.

So the pair have an accident on a snowy road, hitting a deer the car is flipped and the (token) driver perishes, but they are lucky enough to escape with a literal sack load of cash and within seconds have already killed a cop and are on the run (again) and eventually split up. Meanwhile a boxer is released from jail, his disapproving father Chet (Krisoffensen) barely gives a damn but his mother June (Spacek)is an angel and can’t wait to have him home for thanksgiving , but Jay (Hunnam) first he has some business to deal with, heading out to have a word with the man who landed him in the nick there is an altercation and through pure self defense the boxer knocks his foe out cold, possibly put him in the grave and is on the run. In yet another depressing storyline, the local police office is total shambles, the big dog throws his weight around a set of piggish men while his amazing daughter Hannah tries to do her best but is often ignored and shunned, they are aware of the psycho Addison is lose in the area but don’t expect much action, boy are they wrong.

Bana’s character just soldiers on through the snow killing along the way, this sly old fox is cunning and devious and usually gets the upper hand in any situation really fast. His sister is more reactive on the psychological scale, to use her feminie charms to get what she needs, but it’s nothing malicious but just a survival tactic and it raises a lot of questions about what’s she’s been through in order to learn these “talents” another crazy factor is the relationship between these siblings, at times they seem rather close.

with all these bandits running free in snowy Michigans it’s down to the under talented police force to sort problems out but their most diligent officer isn’t utilized at all, but Hannah(Mara) is still determined to fight against her oppression and aims to get her job done, the girl will go far but no one in control will admit that they can see this, especially her pumped up bravado laden father who should really champion his girl.

Bana picks up a few battle scars in the chase, while he gorottes, shoots, stabs, bludgeons, drowns, and generally upsets the locals, playing an avenging angel and the devil along the way, the mired boxer falls in love but his character struggled to really make it into the limelight, as does Mara, who seems to silently enter and exit her scenes.

The violent action scenes are executed really well, but everytime the movie is dragged back to being a sentimental drama it loses a bit more of it’s magic, the strong need to get approval from one’s father, it’s an interesting edge to lay on a failed heist story but it just overbearing, while the movie is trying to be both it’s failing to entertain and with such a powerful cast it’s a bit let down.

Rating 4/10

RFargo (1996), Die Hard 2 (1990), Transsiberian (2008)- Winter Wonderland
5s – Eric Bana, Kate Mara, Kris Kristoffesen, Sissy Spacek

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