The Lucifer Complex (1978)

AKA Hitler’s Wild Women
: Kenneth Hartford and David L Hewitt.
Starring. Robert Vaughn, Merrie Lynn Ross, Keenan Wynn, Aldo Ray. USA. 1h 31m.

After a sizable layoff, B movie genius David L Hewitt returns with this dreary espionage flick with tantalizing potential but an obscure approach. For some reason someone made a terribly poor Man from UNCLE movie with Vaughn himself but for unknown reasons the film wasn’t released, be it too short or just incomplete, but with Hewitt/Hartford to the rescue, the fearless duo added a strange futuristic wrap around a man in our distant future, seemingly a lone survivor who attends to “his garden” but in between working he stops in to consult a super computer which reveals the footage of the exploits of mankind including this twisted spy tale.

Rescue movies rarely make much sense, but they can work, take the two Cloverfield spin offs that were two separate projects entirely, but working with such a strange story and adding in something totally left field didn’t help in anyway but for all its faults this is totally unique!

So a lone spy US Secret Agent Glen Manning (Vaughn) trips over a plot where a group of nazi’s are making clones of world leaders, but their obedient clones only purpose is to help them take over the world, a pretty clever plan, Manning is pretty much on his own and has to infiltrate the group to take them down from the inside, but this leads to some interesting events and characters. The previous title of the movie is Hitler’s Wild Women, and there is some attempt to add a bit of chained women style scantily clad chick fighting in slow mo but it doesn’t really spice up the movie as intended, but Vaughn fighting his own clone could have been amazing addition but again the ball was fumbled and this battle so under produced that it’s hard to see anything in this scene, and in a last ditch attempt to save the film, just chuck in a comedy hitler impersonator.

It was a struggle to make it right through the Lucifer Complex but it has a few highlights, but nothing that makes this a good/bad movie. The film makers seem to become more fascinated with a spy romping around a secret base filled with badly dressed pretend nazi officers and women fighting than the implications of clones and world domination. it’s okay romp but by the end you’ll feel pummeled and possibly left asking the question.. why!?

Rating 3/10

ROverlord (2018), Død Snø/Dead Snow (2009), Frankenstein’s Army (2013), Wizard of Mars (1965)
L – Fascist flicks, Conspiracy movies
5s – Robert Vaughn

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